Oct 26

guilherme torres.


found via Alexandra Campbell via The Contemporist

It’s taken Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres no less than 10 years to complete his personal loft (something I worry about when having to decorate my future home. Being faced with so many amazing choices on a daily basis, how are you ever supposed to decide?!) During the process, he was faced with a plethora of issues that one must deal with when working with an older building; one such issue being wiring and cabling. With the use of strategically placed surface mounted electrical conduit he was able to deal with the additional necessary electrical affairs needed for a modern day lifestyle, while maintaining a certain aesthetic and a modest budget. I’m personally loving the idea of letting it all hang out. It could almost be said that the perfectly placed conduit eliminates the need for any artwork! I mean really, it could very well be considered a work of art in itself.

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