Oct 25

scenes from my weekend.

 After a series of jam-packed, pull-your-hair-out busy weekends, it was so nice to not have any plans. We saw two movies in one night, because we’re disgusting like that (my bum still hurts). On Saturday, I dragged Justin to a pumpkin patch, and he dragged me to watch the UFC fight. Seems fair, right? We chose pumpkins, of which I named one Hilda, and we drank beer. 

On Sunday I received a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go and see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a musical/play currently playing at the Royal Alex theatre. As I’m always open to pretty much anything, I of course said yes, and I’m so so glad that I did. The show was AMAZING. It took everything out of me not to cry tears of joy due to the bright colours, intense sparkles, fantastic music and overwhelmingly incredible costume designs. I highly recommend anyone go because it’s so beyond entertaining. (Coles notes: It’s about a series of drag queens crossing the desert in a pink sparkly bus. Yep. Amazing.)

Seriously. A good, hearty weekend filled with random stuff, bright colours, and puppy cuddles.

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