Sep 10

my love.

Please excuse me for a moment, while I allow myself to be cheesy. It will be brief, I promise.

Happy anniversary, to the boy of my dreams. Thank you for being you. For allowing me to be me. For encouraging it each and every day, in fact. For reading my blog, even without my asking. For holding my hand while we sleep and squeezing me close every morning, even when you’re running late. For picking me up when I fall, both literally and figuratively. For having the patience and the wisdom to help me through it all. For understanding me. Deeply. Intently. And encouraging a better understanding of myself. Thank you for calling me ‘lady’. For bringing me tea when it’s needed most. For kissing the tip of my nose, always. For making me laugh harder than I ever thought possible. True. Real. Gutteral laughs. But most of all, thank you for making these past four years, the best so far.

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