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A portion of my family (both immediate and extended) works within the wine industry. You could say these sort of things run in our blood. Given the amount of wine we consume at all our family gatherings, this may actually be true. Growing up, wine was always readily available to my brother and I. My parents wanted us to acquire a taste for it, but I never really did enjoy its tartness. Not until recently, that is. Oh, how I was missing out.

 That said, I’ve toured many a winery in my day. There are an incredible amount of beautiful wineries sprinkled throughout Southern Ontario, but Stratus? It’s a little different. I’ve had the pleasure of frequenting it on multiple occasions, and each time I’m in awe. There’s just something about it. Perhaps it’s the warmth of the wood contrasting against the coldness of the concrete. The juxtaposition of the pin straight lines next to the silhouette of the bottle. Or maybe it’s simply the effortlessness of this particular winery, different from what one would expect upon entering. Whatever it is, the designers have done an amazing job.

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