Aug 27


One of the perks to working for the firm that I happen to be employed by is the incredible lunches we get to experience. Birthdays, goodbyes, friday afternoons or new hair dos… we like to celebrate. We like to eat!

We generally make our way out to the streets of Toronto and meander until we stumble upon something that fits the mood for the afternoon. Yesterday, we happened to venture on over to Brasaii for a co-workers belated birthday.

The food was tasty, but the space is what got me. With soaring ceilings, brick walls, wooden joists and original columns, the restaurant is luxurious, yet cozy, without being the least bit stuffy. The Design Agency, a Toronto based design firm, has done a wonderful job at melting industrial and traditional design together seamlessly with the mix of pottery barn lamps & neon artwork.  Perfection!

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