Aug 26

15th ave coffee & tea.

Starbucks has really gone and done it this time! You may have already heard, but they’ve recently opened a pretty incredible looking coffee and tea house. Branching out from their typical store layout and design, 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea is a Seattle-based coffee-house that encourages you to kick back and stay a while. With the use of recycled tin, reclaimed wood, and even a boat-turned-cafeteria table, the designers have successfully created a cozy little coffee shop atmosphere. If I hadn’t told you, you never would have known that ‘the bux’ is behind this venture. Although I’m not a huge Starbucks advocate (as noted here), I must give them credit. To boot? You have the option of having your coffee french pressed (oo la la), they offer wine (and poetry readings!) in the evenings, and the tea is steeped with real tea leaves! None of that bagged-stuff here.  

Take a look!

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