Jul 23

terrific twos.

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The past little while I seem to be bombarded with the number two. (Bear with me here). Everywhere I go, I see two’s. Spray-painted on walls, carved into the sidewalk in front of my apartment, the page number of my book as I’m forced to dog-ear it and place it in my bag before I exit the subway. They’re everywhere.

It may be argued that they are constantly present because I’m looking for them, but even when I’m not, they seem to appear. I happen to look at the clock most every day at 2:22, I just so happen to have twenty-two files on my desktop (and did not realize this until I was transferring them to a USB drive), and my dad has just informed me that as I crossed his mind yesterday, he glanced at the clock, and lo and behold, the time was 2:22 (this even weirded him out and he doesn’t generally buy into these things). There’s a new restaurant that opened up just down the street that I’ve frequented a few times. The food is fantastic and I’ve been shouting my praises about it to all of my friends. They recently posted their address on the front of the building and, naturally, their address is 222. My boyfriend is born February 2nd (02.02) and both of my best friends are born on the 22nd of their respective months.

The strangest scenario yet? On Sunday morning my alarm was set for 9:30. It went off early. 9:22 to be exact. You should know that my blackberry is old; it’s in dire need of replacement and it has been acting up the past little while. (For instance, the alarm was set for Saturday morning and it didn’t go off at all.) So it doesn’t surprise me that it went off early. But still, this is strange, no? I could go on and on but don’t you worry, I won’t for your sake.

I decided to do a little research on numerology to see what the number two symbolizes, simply out of curiosity. What I found was pretty incredible. I stumbled upon a number of sites that give you the directions to calculate your Life Path Number. You basically take your birthday and add the numbers up until you end up with a single digit.
For example, my birthday is 10.14.1985.
10 + 14 + 1985 = 2009

2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11

1 + 1 = 2

Yep, my Life Path Number is 2. Now I don’t know if this has anything to do with my constant 2 sightings, but I found this pretty interesting, so I investigated further. The description of a Life Path Number 2 was astounding. It described me to a T. It might as well have been called Jacquelyn’s Life Path (seriously). But I wasn’t completely convinced yet. I continued to calculate the Life Path numbers for all of my friends and family, and could not believe what it came up with. The descriptions were spot on for each and every one of them. I should inform you that I do believe in horoscopes and things of the like. I’m a sucker for hidden messages and signs, I flip a coin often to “let the universe decide” what ice cream flavour I should go with, and I fully and whole-heartedly believe in karma. But I have a few close friends who think it’s all a bunch of hokey pokey, and even they were impressed (dare I say, creeped out) with their Life Path descriptions.

Try it yourself! Go here and let me know if it works for you!

update (07.26.10) – three times within the last two days, the elevator at my apartment has stopped at the second floor without anyone getting on or off.

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