Jul 26

scenes from my weekend.

I felt the need to include a couple images of the Jack Johnson concert we attended last week. I know, I know, technically they’re from Tuesday, and Tuesday does not exactly fall on a weekend, but I think we can bend the rules a little for Jack, no? It was an amazing concert and as far as I’m concerned, he deserves a little rule bending.

Now for real. Friday afternoon our office decided it would be a good idea to skip work, clog our arteries and beat the heat by seeing a movie. So we did just that. (Have I mentioned I work at an awesome firm?) After a quick trip to Poutinis (mmmm), we headed over to the theatre and saw Inception. After mulling over the plot for the greater part of the weekend, I think that I may have figured it all out. I might have to see it again though [tonight], you know, just in case.  

In the evening, we headed over to my mom’s place to take advantage of the backyard while she’s away. We put together an impromptu barbeque and we feasted on grilled chicken and Greek couscous (this recipe is so good. We didn’t have time to run to a health food store for the quinoa, so we used couscous instead). We eventually headed over to the beach for the jazz festival. Naturally, we missed the actual music, but we arrived just in time for drinks, so not all was lost.

Saturday morning we moseyed over to our favourite breakfast spot on the beach, just beating the rain by minutes. The afternoon was spent giving our entire apartment a serious scrub down. And it felt good.

I picked my boyfriend up from the airport late in the evening, and we did nothing. We laid down and we talked and we caught up and it was wonderful.

We woke up early on Sunday and made our way back to my apartment. After a quick brunch we met up with my roommate’s cousin who’s in town for the week and made our way over to the Canadian Open.  Her cousin, Candice, is married to Tim Clark, who was playing in the tournament. Unfortunately he didn’t win, but it was pretty amazing none-the-less! It was an incredible day filled with a little too much beer, too much sun, and a lot golf.

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