Jun 7

scenes from my weekend.

I played third wheel on friday night and totally crashed my roommate and her boyfriends date. The Short Film Festival is going on in Toronto this weekend and we had the opportunity to go and see Celebrity Shorts (if you have a moment, look up Drunk History on YouTube. It’s hilarious!) We finished off the evening with sangria and burritos at Chimichangas, an amazing mexican restaurant in Yorkville. It was très romantic. Alyssa & Maurice are wonderful dates.

Saturday I literally spent the entire day in bed. I’m not even joking. Best day of my life? I’m thinking so! I got up to make tea, to grab a movie, and eventually, I showered. But apart from those activities? Bed. Yep. Go me.

In the evening we celebrated Maurice’s birthday with drinks, homemade carrot cake cupcakes and sparklers. Oh, and 3 am macaroni and cheese. This is an ongoing tradition my roommate and I have had since university. It really helps alleviate any pain you may feel the next morning. I’m telling you, post-bar KD is the hangover cure (or helper, at the very least).

Sunday morning we ventured over to Liberty Village for a birthday brunch at School. While we waited for a table, my boyfriend and I got to test a Smart Car! Random, but kind of awesome. School is incredible though with menu options like cheddar-chive biscuits, lavender soda and cinnamon sugar donut muffins. And my omelet had brie in it (if you know me at all, you know that brie is my weakness; my kryptonite, if you will). I’ll be going back!

We spent the rest of the day doing grown up stuff like groceries, and making homemade pizza. But then we redeemed ourselves by going to see Get Him to the Greek.

Reading over the things I ingested this weekend, I should probably think about going to the gym tonight. Gym, we’ll talk. And now my work week must commence.

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