Jun 7

good design. good company.

I thought I’d do a bit of a follow-up on executive chef Brad Moore’s School Bakery & Café since it was such an interesting concept and a wonderful experience (that could have been the company though – I roll with good people. I’m just saying. Also, can I pull off that last sentence? I didn’t think so. Carrying on.) Every detail was well thought out and perfectly executed. The menus are presented to you on little clipboards, the 21 schoolhouse clocks mounted on the wall are all set to 3:30 (everyone’s favourite part of the school day – naturally), and the centre piece of each table is an apple set on a stainless steel coaster. The brick walls are covered in chalkboards with sayings like “please don’t feed the models”, there is hopscotch painted on the floor in front of the washroom and the kitchen is refered to as detention (the staff is then refered to as the faculty, of course). When they cater to private parties, the space transforms into private school, and on sunday, well, it’s sunday school of course!

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