May 23

Grandma Core

I was deep down a TikTok rabbit hole late one evening when my algorithm started bombarding me with all things grandma core. As an old soul who’s always felt a kinship to all things grandma, it’s pretty exciting to watch this trend unfold. With the insanity of our world right now and the rapid pace at which things are moving, it feels natural to me that we’d all want to slow down a little and bring back some of that daily whimsy, just like our grandparents.

Needless to say, I am and always will be on the grandma core bandwagon, and I don’t care who knows it! I just love the little details that this trend evokes, and am continually incorporating more bits and pieces of it throughout my home

SIDE NOTE: If you like “grandma core” you’ll love this

Here are a few beautiful grandma-inspired things I love, if you’re looking to infuse a little more of this into your life as well.

Photo & Design: Urban Grace Interiors (such a wonderful designer if you don’t already follow her!)

All Things Grandma Core

  1. Rattan Lampshade | 2. Blue Decorative Dish | 3. Blue Floral Plate | 4. Wall Sconce | 5. Floral Block Print Quilt | 6. Striped Quilt | 7. Sun Hat | 8. Garden Designs Book | 9. Raffia Ruffle Bag


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