Feb 28

Berry and Chocolate Interiors

Lately, “dark red and brown interiors” have been catching my eye everywhere I turn. This specific chocolate-meets-berry hue keeps popping up on my feed and, I have to admit, I’m completely enamoured with it. There’s something about the richness of this colour that adds so much sophistication and warmth to a space. The moodiness and drama it brings is simply captivating.

As I scroll through my inspiration boards, I find myself drawn to images of beautiful bathrooms envelopped in this rich hue, elegant bedrooms adorned from top to bottom (ceiling and all), and bold kitchen cabinets that take center stage. Whether it’s a space that has fully committed itself to this colour, or it’s brought in through subtle accents (hello, gorgeous), I’m loving every bit of it.

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Today, I’m excited to share my accidental collection of spaces featuring “dark red and brown interiors.” From modern chic to classic elegance, each one is more beautiful than the next. They’re the perfect example of this pretty hue taking the design world by storm.

Design & Photo: Studio Mcgee

Design: Bria Hammel | Photography: Space Crafting

Design & Photo: Chris Loves Julia

Design & Photo: Blanc Marine Living

Design & Photo: Hart Interior

Design: Anna Knight Interiors | Photography: Ryan McDonald

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