Dec 13

Unleashing Holiday Bliss: Beating Cabin Fever with Festive Activities

Lately I’ve had holiday activities on my mind. The past three weeks have been a rollercoaster of sniffles and sneezes around here, with each family member taking their turn being under the weather. We’re reallllly dragging the whole thing out, just for fun – ha.

Cooped up inside, it hasn’t been the worst as we’ve gotten all caught up on our favourite holiday movies. But all the same, I do find myself yearning for the festive cheer that usually fills our home during this time of year. The missed holiday activities have left me feeling a bit stir-crazy, if I’m being honest. If your family can relate (is everyone sick right now? I feel like they are) fear not! Bring the holiday magic home with some creative and cozy ideas.


Try holiday bingo for a night of laughter and friendly competition. Schedule a baking day featuring delightful treats like maple pecan waffles and cookie mix – a sweet aroma to lift spirits. Or gather around for indoor s’mores. Here are some cute and simple activities that can help, banishing the stir-craziness and making this holiday season a memorable one all the same.

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A Few Holiday Activities

  1. Vintage Candy Land Game | 2. Gingerbread House Kit | 3. Gingerbread Cookie Mix | 4. Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle | 5. Holiday Cookies Cookbook | 6. Build Your Own Snowman Kit | 7. Pancake and Waffle Mix | 8. Plush Campfire Playset | 9. Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Stir Stick | 10. S’mores Roasting Kit | 11. Hot Chocolate Bomb | 12. Christmas Bingo



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  1. Deb says:

    When our grandkids recently visited the windchill made it feel like 10 degrees below zero. Add drippy noses and coughs and we were in for the day. Balloons came to the rescue. I try to keep a package of balloons on hand just in case. We drew face on the balloons and put them in bed with their teddys. We threw them over the balcony. We had balloon kicking races in the hall. Every adult bomarded the kids,the kids bombarded the adults. Then it was time for Bluey and everyone took a nap, even the adults. Not groundbreaking, I know, but sometimes one forgets the easy stuff in the midst of the storm as it were.

  2. Linda Stuart says:

    Giving candy for christmas is a wonderful idea. Those you recommend here look delicious and pretty. It is hard to choose the best one, since I cannot buy them all. Thank you for sharing.

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