Oct 26

My Best Buys Lately

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my “best buys”. I picked up this infrared heating pad during the prime day sale a few months back and can safely say that it’s *legitimately* been life changing. Whether I’m working or relaxing, I drag it around the house with me and use it multiple times daily, especially now that the weather has gotten significantly cooler. It is my life’s mission to be cozy at all times, and I’m convinced that this thing is the secret to successfully getting through winter unscathed. I love how snuggling up with it instantly helps me reset my nervous system (helpful when I’m feeling particularly buzzy!)

It has gotten me thinking about a few other things I’ve gotten my hands on recently that have been well worth the purchase. From client pieces to restocking certain items for myself, following are a few of the “best buys” I’ve made as of late.

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1 A Wavy Candle Holder Centrepiece: there’s no secret that waves are having a moment (hello!). I grabbed this candelabra for a client and it’s even more beautiful in person

2 Clean Mascara: you name it, I’ve tried it, and I always come back to this tried and true version. So far nothing else has compared

3 The Perfect Striped Sweater: I knew I’d reach for this sweater frequently, but it’s even surprised me how often I pull it out. It just feels so effortlessly chic

4 The Softest Cotton Quilt: it’s no secret, but I can attest… This company has some of the most luxurious bedding around. I picked this quilt up for a client and it’s absolutely dreamy

5 The Prettiest Cream Blush: a new-to-me mainstay in my makeup kit

6 A Braided Napkin Holder: this was gifted to me in the spring and it seems so simple but it brings daily joy. My daughter and I love going out searching for pretty napkins to fill it with (form & function at its best)

7 My Favourite Hair Clips: small enough for my fine hair, while still making a statement

8 A Black Ceramic Bowl: I grabbed this footed bowl to style a clients coffee table and I’m obsessed. I love how it’s sculptural so it feels like a work of art, all while providing functionality too

9 A Hand Drawn Pillow: when we updated our kitchen our living room got a mini facelift too. I love this playful yet elegant print and feel like it works well in so many spaces

10 My Go To Shampoo: I find that I have to switch up my shampoo every few months as my hair gets used to the formula. This one has been in rotation for a very long time now. It has the prettiest subtle scent, and has left me with the softest mane as well.

11 Acupressure Mat Set: I’m very big into all of the woo woo and this acupressure mat is EVERYTHING. Instant relaxation

12 Beaded Huggie Hoops: after wearing my late grandmother’s earrings for, no joke, a decade now, I felt it was time to switch things up. I am in love with these ones (and these ones, too!)

13 Alpaca Cardigan: similar to the striped sweater, this is the other thing I reach for constantly. It is so warm, so soft, and so chic. Plus, I love that I can dress it up or down. I often wear it around the house with sweatpants (like this!) and it some how works and instantly helps me feel put together

14 Hand Blocked Pillow: I’m very into block print patterns right now. We have this one in our kitchen and it’s just the prettiest print

15 Bronze Chandelier With Linen Shades: I spec’d this chandelier for a clients place recently (this project!) and it’s so good. I love how it feels dainty yet substantial, and modern yet classic. It’s chandelier perfection as far as I’m concerned

16 A Marble Fluted Scalloped Bowl: the perfect spot to corral all the loose bits & baubles

17 Tortoise Sunglases: I love a good deal and these $19 sunglasses are it

18 Floral Block Print Napkins: another client purchase that I might have to make for myself, too

19 An Inspiring Book: the way I tore through this book, let me tell you

20 Must Have Belt Bag: a mom must. Being hands free at the park, the zoo, or gymnastics has been so great. I can fit all my essentals (phone, wallet, keys) and a few snacks too (*necessary*)

21 Ivy’s Favourite Gel Crayons: these are the most satisfying markers/crayons on the market as far as I’m concerned. They are so bright and vibrant and the way they glide is the *most* satisfying. They also work on windows, in the tub, on rocks… you name it. They’re a little spendy (as far as kid art supplies go) but they really last and they’re absolutely worth it.


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  1. Deb says:

    Your link for the striped sweater goes to sephora mascara.

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