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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

I will be the first to admit that Valentine’s Day isn’t something that we usually go all out for in this household. I think it has something to do with the Christmas hangover that tends to linger well into the new year for me, I swear. But it’s one of the “holidays” that tends to pass us by without too much fanfare. In fact, most years we “celebrate” with takeout pizza, champagne and a movie, which is just about perfection as far as I’m concerned.

Now that my daughter is here, and she just goes nutty over anything festive, Valentine’s Day feels particularly exciting. I can’t wait to sprinkle a little extra toddler magic and love into our coming days. If you are one to celebrate, here are a few great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2023. A few festive things I have my eye on, if you will. From babies, to toddlers, to romantic partners, to mothers and beyond, I’m really loving the extra excuse to love on my people this year.

Heart cookie recipe & photo: Now, Forager

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

valentine's day gift ideas for 2023


1. Heart jammies | 2. Watercolor heart mug | 3. Blooming lollipops

4. Heart tea bags | 5. The couple’s cookbook | 6. Electric kettle

7. Lyla floral tablecloth | 8. Rose linen placemats | 9. Mini pearl necklace

10. Scallop edge pinch bowls | 11. Teak bath tray | 12. Valentine postcards

13. Plush throw blanket | 14. Soaking salts | 15. Dusty pink throw pillow

16. Conversation heart cookies | 17. Teddy Bear robe | 18. Polaroid camera

19. Ruffle pajamas | 20. Love grows everywhere book | 21. Pink champagne bodycare set

I’d love to know, do you celebrate? And if so, what do you and your loved ones do each year? I always love the idea of introducing new traditions.



Design & Photo: Anthology Creative Studio

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