Sep 28

Designer Approved Halloween Decorations

At two and a half, my daughter is at such a fun age right now to truly appreciate solid Halloween decorations. Growing up and picturing my future family, these are the moments, the festive moments; trick or treating at Halloween, for example, that I’ve always looked forward to. It feels very surreal that I’m actually in this phase of life.

I have always loved any excuse to celebrate and get into a festive spirit, but making these things magical for my daughter brings a whole new level of excitement to the task. Seeing as we’re renovating our home through Halloween, I’m sliiiightly bummed that we won’t be here to dig out our own Halloween decorations. But I plan on bringing in a little spooky magic into our temporary rental all the same. Following are a few interior-designer-approved Halloween decorations I currently have my eye on. It’s giving “Halloween, but make it cute“.

Photo: Studio McGee



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1. Ghost cake | 2. Spiderweb doormat | 3. Skeleton hand napkin rings

4. Bat wreath | 5. Bat treat bag | 6. Jack-O-Lanterns

7. Witch’s brew cocktail mix | 8. Skull candle | 9. Faux bittersweet branches

10. Ceramic skull plate | 11. Serpentine bottle holder | 12. Velvet pumpkins

13. Ghost candy dishes | 14. Lit wire pumpkins | 15. Skull ice molds

16. Skull toile table throw | 17. Carved wood pumpkins | 18. Floating candlesticks


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