May 27

My Daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party

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In case nobody has ever told you before, throwing a second birthday party is NOT THE SAME as throwing a first birthday party. I’ll tell you right now – ha. As it turns out, six kids under the age of six is a lot of kids and I swear I’m still recovering. At one point they had just about every toy my daughter owns stuffed in her crib – it was full to the very brim. There might have been a kid or two in there too bouncing around as well, but it’s hard to say. I also found a wooden spoon under our bathtub, and various other household items strewn in places they need not be. Needless to say, when they can’t walk and they don’t really have friends it’s easy. Who knew! But my girl had a ton of fun, and still talks about her puppy themed party weeks later. 


[break]See Ivy’s first birthday party here, if you’d like


While her first birthday party was really for my husband and I (hello baby blob), this year my sweet girl had opinions. She explicitly requested a puppy themed party “with pizza and ice cream cake” weeks prior, and she didn’t once waiver, so naturally we needed to deliver. 

We didn’t go too crazy with the food or decor, opting to keep it as simple as possible (while still focusing on a few pertinent details) and it ended up being really adorable. But most importantly, my daughter was thrilled to no end.

A homemade balloon arch (we bought a kit! it was great and saved us a TON of money), some puppy paw print stickers, and a few little plastic dogs to decorate her ice cream cake was the name of the decor game. We also picked up some really cute dog-shaped foil balloons, complete with ribbon leashes, and each kid got to take one home. I tried my hand at some DIY party hats, which were surprisingly successful. And Ivy and I whipped up some homemade puppy chow and put them in “doggy bags” to give out as party favors as her guests departed. It was simple and playful and I’m thrilled with the results (terrorized house and all!)  Here’s how it all turned out…

[break]the inspiration board is right here[break]puppy themed party_9 puppy themed party_10 puppy themed party_15 09B862EE-B0D6-4666-B269-08E047306CD8-2165-0000004C3F2C87E2puppy themed party_1 puppy themed party_2 puppy themed party_6 puppy themed party_8 puppy themed party_5 puppy themed party_7 puppy themed party_14puppy themed party_3puppy themed party_16


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  1. Cheryl says:

    What fun, especially for a 2 year old! The balloons are fabulous! And love the paw prints! I can only imagine the smile on her face when she saw everything!

  2. Mom says:

    A wonderful party..🥳. Puppy theme was adorable!! The children abs adults loved it!!

  3. Peg says:

    This is THE cutest party theme I’ve ever seen! Love, love!! Happy Birthday Ivy!!!

  4. Carolina says:

    So lovely!

    Just wondering how you filled up the doggy balloons? Did they require helium to stand up straight?

  5. Jenna says:

    Where is your birthday banner from? I love it

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