Mar 11

Spring Shopping: Here’s What I Have My Eye On Right Now

Spring Shopping: Here's What I Have My Eye On Right NowPhoto: Lindsay Salazar Photography


After what feels like an endless string of snow-filled days here in Toronto, the sun has begun showing itself more frequently and it has already helped reinvigorate me on a cellular level, I swear. I often forget how much better I feel once the days start to lengthen and the weather starts to warm. If I’ve learned anything by now though, I know we’re not quite out of the woods yet and I’m certain we’ll get at least more dumping of snow. But I can feel myself slowly start to emerge from my winter hibernation. The spring fever has officially hit, my energy levels are climbing, and I’m just rolling with it. I can always tell when this starts to happen as my virtual carts start filling up with easy breezy Spring-like pieces. Here are a few things I have my eye on this month, for both our home and closets – let the spring shopping begin.

Spring Shopping: Here's What I Have My Eye On Right Now | lark & linen

1. Patricia chandelier | 2. Rattan shelf | 3. Wisteria top

4. Preston dining table | 5. Maman: the cookbook | 6. Vitamin C serum

7. Petal placemat | 8. Toddler slip ons | 9. Toddler sweatshirt

10. Portobello flats | 11. Bondi bench | 12. Cane nightstand

13. Candle | 14. Fern storage cabinet | 15. Palo santo

16. Linen jumpsuit | 17. Baby overalls romper




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