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5 Things You Can Do to Quickly Increase Your Room’s Vibration

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linen


It’s in and around this time each year that I really start itching to spring clean our home. And while that typically means flipping mattresses and hosing down screens (so satisfying!) this year I’m looking to step my game up even further. As I continue on my healing journey, I’ve found myself deep diving into all things energetic, and what I’ve started to notice has been illuminating, to say the least. There is still so much for me to learn on this front, but so far I’ve happily landed in a place that combines quantum physics, feng shui, and spirituality. It’s something I’d love to expand on even further if it’s of interest but for now if you, too, want to increase your rooms vibration, here are a few great ways to do it…  

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linen


It’s no secret that objects hold energies. Each one of us, and every thing that we surround ourselves with is, in fact, energy – it’s a scientific truth. But I recently learned that not every object holds the same energetic frequency. Research has shown that natural materials vibrate at a higher frequency than those of their synthetic counterparts, and by a significant margin too. Since making this discovery I’ve been making more conscious purchases for everything that I bring into mine (and my clients’) homes. From my new cotton tea towel, to the alpaca sweater that I’ve yet to remove, it’s a small change that I’m convinced will have a long lasting impact. 

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linenSKIP SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES:

This one was devastating for me as I love scented candles. But not only are synthetic fragrances endocrine disruptors (meaning they can wreak havoc on your hormones), but they also emit scary chemicals that are definitely not filled with “good vibes only”. Instead, switch them out for soy based candles that are scented with natural oils and have cotton wicks (my husband bought this one for me for Christmas and it’s my favourite find so far). 

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linenADD PLANTS:

Not only do plants look great by instantly adding life to a space, but said life also helps increase your rooms vibration by a significant amount. The fact that they help filter the air certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s no secret that I love when form meets function, and this is a perfect example. (Note: I have read that faux plants don’t increase your rooms vibration quite as much as the real deal but they do help. Dried flowers on the other hand are rumoured to have the opposite effect).  

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linen


Think of it this way: that vase that you’re holding onto only because your great aunt gifted it to you is taking up your energy. It’s something you have to store, something you have to clean, it’s something that takes up your valuable time in minuscule increments. Lovingly donating (or selling!) it not only frees up that energy, but it also creates space for bigger better things to arrive. Walking into a room filled with things that truly bring you joy is the greatest way to increase your rooms vibration. 

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linenCLEANSE YOUR SPACE WITH SAGE OR PALO SANTO: 

I was gifted some palo santo a few years back and it quickly became a regular tool in my arsenal. It’s not something I would have originally thought to pick up for myself, but cleansing our home with a smoke offering is a practice that I’ve come to cherish. I often use it before I meditate and there is a marked difference when I’m through. Something I’ve recently learned, however, is that you must leave a door or window open during the process so that the negative energies have a place to escape. 

[break]There you have it. Five easy ways to increase your rooms vibration. I’m curious, is this something that you do as well? Do you have any other practices you use? It’s something I’m becoming increasingly more interested in and I’d love to hear about it. 


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  1. Christa says:

    If you are looking for an alternative to typical candles, I’d suggest looking at beeswax-based instead of soy. Soy candles may be even worse for your health. Beeswax makes for a much cleaner burning candle.

  2. Anna says:

    The part about decluttering is so true! Spaces always feel so refreshed when you have less clutter.

    Well+Good had an interesting piece on how they no longer encourage non-Native people to burn sage. Although it’s become popular in wellness communities, doing so is harmful to Native communities.

  3. MaryAnne says:

    Loved this post! I didn’t realize the bad effects of synthetic frangrances, so thank you for opening my eyes to that.. I will look for soy based candles with natural oils! I have always been attracted to interiors that bring in natural materials versus the ones with lots of synthetic fabrics and ‘faux’ everything, and it makes sense that they vibrate at a higher frequency. Please keep going with your posts on feng shui, physics and spirituality- would love to read more on that!

  4. Brilliant tips, thank you for sharing! I never thought about objects having energy before, but of course it makes total sense as soon as you say it. I’m definitely on board with all-natural candles too, even if they are a bit more expensive. You can always make your own!

  5. Lynette says:

    New to your blog but love this direction. Am totally into the natural, coupled with the energy and spiritual. Had not heard of negative sage burning with regards to native american culture. May want to check that source.

  6. Jessi says:

    My ways to increase the vibration of the room are: plants, handicrafts, mandalas, fragrance sticks, a fireplace, an organized space and a smile on my face :)

  7. Beth Bartlett says:

    Like Energies/Frequency Attracts. I committed to Mastering the subject of the “Universal Law of Attraction” a few years back. It was a Wise Decision on every level, and I’ve come to Know that the choice literally helped me move through a most challenging time in my Chapter of “Awakening and Realization”. Awakening is exactly what the word describes, and depending on our Individual State of: (Personal Circumstances, including Environment, Education, Family, Religion/Beliefs, Experiences, Our State 9f Mind, Perspective, Thought Thinking Habits, “(*)Our Thoughts Program” aka “Subconscious Thought Program”, and our “Me” that inner us that only we know as Self).)
    (*)Our “Thoughts Program/Subconscious Thought Program” which is the stream 9f deep background Thought, our Learned Ideas since birth, and Our Beliefs” are all stored in this area, a Powerful, always on, never sleeps, Area 9f our Mind. It has no Filter for Truths, and 8t records everything even if you don’t realize it or are even Conscious of it, it the the proverbial )photographs Memory, this is why Hypnosis is use to gather Experiences that we don’t have a Conscious recall of.

    Without the story 9f my experiences at present, point 8s, this is 1 of 4 Values necessary for Successes.l with ones Practice/”LOA”.

    THE “Law of Attraction” 8s Absolute, and all 9f the Universe are interacting with this Law, even those in Nonphysical, it is the Divine Design.

    I established a Recipe, so to speak, for Learning, the Practice, for Focus, and for Teaching others.
    First, gaining clarity on what your actually addressing it necessary.

    What we are needing to Master is ourselves, our Thoughts Habits, How we Think, our Perspective, and Our Beliefs.

    As I was entertaining writing “my How To”, a subject most would chuckle and say “Get 8n Line”, but before I placed the idea in File 13 aka Trash, I thought f7rther.

    I will write this, regardless if Publishing it or not, because I have yet to see 1 book that addresses it like a “Plan, a Recipe, which when followed will result in Achieved”.

    A Book with the Steps, details, accompanied by a Workbook, for one ti use as they are learning. As one begins and moves through, they have the value of feeling accomplishments, learning, understanding, and comprehending the actual “LOA”, and “establishing their new habits of the Practice we have Thoughts, Attitudes, our Perspective because we Learned, made a habit of, and evolved in the direction of this Thoughts Perspective. Like this whom are prejudice, judgemental, those fear based Ideologies. These are associated with our “Lower Mind, aka Ego Mind, aka Adolescent Mind” (where the negative Thought Energies reside).

    There’s methods that are the How to’s to correct our old habits and Replace these with those that support our Positive Thoughts and Higher Frequencies.

    Once I had the Plan and Organized Model in , then I recognized the Very Influencing Subject, “Our Environment ” the Home, Interior, Exterior, and Ones Profession/Career/Job.

    … and Feng Shui definitely fits to serve a Supporting Boost to the Focused Goals.

    There’s a few more Benefiting Subjects that all support and enlighten the Student towards their Mastery., I may even collaborate on the Subject,

    I found this article and was reminded that Like Energies Attract, and I am pleased to be manifesting such Positive desirable content!

    … just wanted to share this and an insight to my story.

    Best Thoughts …

    Beth Bartlett
    and Historian

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