Jul 14

Take A Look Inside This Stunning Home Inspired by the French Countryside

787+TRANSIT+(6+of+22)Design: Jenny Martin | Builder: M. Knight Construction Ltd. | Architect: Zebra Group 


It isn’t often that a home makes me audibly gasp the moment I set sights on it but this one, designed by the wildly talented Jenny Martin, did just that (and then some). Inspired by the french countryside, this custom built home feels as if it’s been here for ages.  The chef’s kitchen, paired with the dreamiest patio, is calling my name like no other, and I can just imagine the beautiful stories and lifelong memories that are to be written within these walls. 787+TRANSIT+(1+of+22) TRANSIT+EXTRA+-+DIGITAL+(4+of+7) TRANSIT+EXTRA+-+DIGITAL+(6+of+7) 787+TRANSIT+(11+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(14+of+22) TRANSIT+EXTRA+-+DIGITAL+(5+of+7) 787+TRANSIT+(15+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(12+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(13+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(4+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(2+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(10+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(7+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(16+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(22+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(17+of+22) 787+TRANSIT+(18+of+22) Transit-bathroom+(digital)+(1+of+1) 787+TRANSIT+(21+of+22) TRANSIT+EXTRA+-+DIGITAL+(7+of+7)


[break]Design: Jenny Martin | Builder: M. Knight Construction Ltd. | Architect: Zebra Group 

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  1. Ramona says:

    très chic…🥂🍾

  2. Angel Samuel says:

    Perfect Kitchen Space.
    The happiness that the best food served in the best ambience is unparellel.
    If you are yet to find your dream home ,come join with Rajul Shah Realtors to find the best home.

  3. Megan says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Do you know the exterior paint colors that were used?
    Thanks for sharing

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  5. Anupama Wenzel says:

    Do you know what material and color was used for the kitchen countertops?

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