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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | lark & linen
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I’ve been putting these Mother’s Day gift ideas posts together for over a decade now, but now that I’m a mom myself they feel infinitely more special. With Mother’s Day on the approach, I felt it only appropriate to take a quick minute to round up about a few little tokens that make my heart swell. Though I know that ultimately gifts aren’t what truly matter, they do tend to be my love language and I adore showering my people with little treats here and there. Following are a few wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas I’m sure your mom will love. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | lark & linen


1. Fresh bouquet | 2. Facial massage balm  | 3. Moisturizing socks

4. Big night in kit | 5. Scalloped pedestal dish | 6. Meadowsweet teaspoons

7. Morrocan Mint bath salts | 8. Skin gym tool | 9. Country Houses book

10. Plant pot & saucer | 11. Teak chair | 12. Chinoiserie dish

13. Hand-knotted hammock | 14. Lollia bubble bath | 15. Honey pot

16. Basket | 17. Chocolate wildflowers | 18. Blaire pillow | 19. Beach blankets

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