Mar 22

Milking Stools – What Are They? Why You Need One? And Where to Get It!

152798031_1416899571974789_2951554857597842521_nPhoto: Haris Kenjar Design: Katie Hodges

You know that feeling when you start noticing something and from that day forward you simply can’t unsee it? That’s how I feel about antique milking stools. They’re a low, typically three legged, stool historically used to – yep, you guessed it – milk a cow. I’ve been on the hunt for one for our bathroom for some time now an am eager to finally pull the trigger.

I love how each one is unique in design, and they instantly add a little soul – a hint of quirk, if you will – into every space they touch. I feel like our bathroom (here!), which is largely filled with hard marble surfaces is in need of the warmth and character that they instantly bring forth. Plus, not only would it be handy to have a place to perch when we’re giving Ivy a bath, but I love that it’d pull double duty as a place to set a hot tea and a good book when I’m immersed in a deep soak myself (my current favourite self-care ritual). I’ve since spotted them just about everywhere and am only further convinced that one needs to make its way into our lives. Below are a few great examples of an antique milking stool in action. And here are a few I, personally have my eye on…


Interior Design Trends for 2021 | lark & linenDesign: Whittney Parkinson
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