May 4

I’ve Found The Best Bedsheets (and I’m Willing to Share)

Round Up: The Best Bedsheets | lark & linen

We’ve all heard the stats. We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed. A whole third! So it really only makes sense to ensure that experience is as enjoyable as it possibly can be, am I right? As an interior designer by day, making beds is literally my job, and it’s one that I take quite seriously. I’ve tested out what feels like hundreds of brands over the years, and can attest that no two are ever quite alike. I’ve definitely vetted these things heavily over time and I thought it might be helpful to share my top favourites. From linens to cottons, following is a list of the best bedsheets, as far as I’m concerned…

[break]Photo: Stephanie Wiley Photography | Design: Clementine Interiors

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  1. Korin B says:

    But which of these is best???

  2. Laurielulu says:

    Hi Jacquelyn! Congrats again on sweet baby girl, such a beautiful baby ❤️ I’m gonna say, I splurged on Serena and Lily, because they had raw edges (shakes head) they are so crisp, but also so oversized (just too loosy goosy for me) I guess unless you have some custom over stuffed handmade mattress, forget the names, Saatva? I am dying to try the striped Brooklinen, I also see they expanded with a few special colors that are mostly sold out.

    I would like to know what light weight throws such as yours that extend over the sides of the bed. All mine are short and look stupid. I live in Southern California and always hot, so a light throw is what I need to make things look more finished and pretty. I really struggle with my linens and making things layered but cool. I’m always buying things but it never looks finished….sigh. Thanks

  3. Gillian says:

    I’m on the hunt for bed linens right now! Have you ever tried Coyuchi?

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