Feb 14

Currently Coveting

Currently Coveting | lark & linen


While I have so thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant, now that I’m well into my third trimester I have to admit I’m starting to feel the urge to get back to my regularly programmed schedule as far as my wardrobe is concerned. And while this linen dress is totally pregnancy friendly (and, um, how flipping cute?!), the rest most definitely is not. Per usual, following are a few things I have my eye on this month, for both my home and closet.

Currently Coveting | lark & linen

1. Hathoway Chandelier  | 2. Mama necklace | 3. Linen maternity dress

4. Vivier floor lamp | 5. Leopard print headband | 6. Glove boot

7. Whiskey notecards | 8. Leopard print bikini | 9. Crewneck sweater

10. Rosalyn dresser | 11. Marble salt cellar | 12. Scalloped bathing suit

13. Mid-Rise leggings | 14. Jasmine & Sun Rose shower gel 


Photo: Aretha Fusté

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  1. Alina says:

    OMG!!! These are so beautiful, What a collections, great designs and style. i love these all so much and i’m going to try this. Thanks for the share dear.

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