Jun 5

Currently Coveting

Currently Coveting | lark & linen


I feel like I’ve been talking an awful lot about the weather around here lately but, you guys, I have no idea what’s going on out there. Most days have been ripe with sunshine, but the temperatures have still been quite cool. And every once in a while we’re blasted with a mini heatwave as if we’ve skipped spring altogether.  I’m not complaining, and I will certainly enjoy every last ounce of sunshine while I’m able. I would just like to manifest a little more warmth, and am hoping mother nature takes the hint with this round up of light, airy, and easy breezy pieces I have my eye on this month. There’s so much goodness in here for both your home and wardrobe…

Currently Coveting | lark & linen

1. Blue Dress | 2. Fig Tree | 3. Wooden Chair

4. Flower Drop Earrings | 5. Liquid Lipstick | 6. Moya Jar 

7.  BB Cream | 8. Scalloped Sandals | 9. Seagrass Tote

10. Bisou Bike | 11. Pendant Light | 12. Leather Backpack

13. Sneakers | 14. Jean Shorts | 15. Striped Top | 16. Leather Belt


Photo: The Darling Detail

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  2. Michelle says:

    Hi lovely! Do you happen to know the name of the chair? The link takes me to the general search page :( looks a bit wider than a dining chair and that it might work in our new tiny entry xx

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