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Quick Design Tip: Choosing a Living Room Rug Size

Quick Design Tip: How To Choose a Living Room Rug Size | lark & linen

Okay you guys, so rugs are slightly more difficult to sum up into one quick design tip as there are always exceptions. But when it comes to choosing a living room rug size, for the most part, I have two things that I always consider without fail each and every time. Number one: is all of the furniture in the seating arrangement on the rug? If not, are at least the front legs of all pieces on the rug? Number two: is there at least 18″ of bare floor around the perimeter of the rug? If the answer is yes, you are choosing a living room rug size that works! 

Side tip: to date, I’ve never seen a 5′ x 8′ rug work in a living room setting. It’s simply always too small.

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  1. I suspect people go for Option 2 because of budget. Although I would encourage people to look at craigslist and similar sites. We got some gorgeous rugs from people who were moving or redecorating and paid very little. Less than new at Ikea.
    One other thing: fringe. Depending on what the floor is, fringe can be dangerous!It looks great but it can be a lot more slippery than the rug itself.

  2. Avery Duby says:

    Love this! Currently redecorating our 1920’s beach bungalow and its tiny living room— we chose a 9×12 wool rug and have space around the edge. Yay! 👏🏻

  3. Susan Lizotte says:

    How would you determine rug size if you were planning to incorporate a rug on rug design?

  4. The first option is do-able but I like the option 2 personally. It defines the room without taking over.
    Great post!

  5. Nadia says:

    Finding the perfect rug is such a task! I fell in love with one rug almost 2 years now but the sizes they make are either too small or too big for my space :'( finding something else similar has been so difficult. I almost caved and bought the 5 x 8 but this post confirms to me that it would have probably gone back so thank you for saving me the headache!

    • I always find when these sort of situations occur it’s because there’s something better waiting for you around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled! I’m certain you’ll find the right one :)

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