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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Person You Don’t know *That* Well

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Person You Don't Know THAT Well | lark & linen


Whether it’s for your office’s secret santa party, or you pulled your great aunt so and so’s name for the family Christmas pool, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all enountered a time when we need to pick up a little something for someone we don’t know that well. It can be challenging, I totally get it. And I thought it might be helpful to pull together a little something to help. From a cute hot cocoa kit, to a bouquet of flowers in a hand made vase, following are a few great gift ideas that are juuuust personal enough, yet more or less universally liked, to get you out of that sticky situation. 

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Person You Don't know *That* Well | lark & linen


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Photo: The Faux Martha

1 – Under the Christmas tree makeup set
2 – Rose quartz coasters
3 – Dipped ceramic pitcher
4 – Peppermint bark gift box
5 – Apothecary bath salts
6 – Upton stripe hand towel
7 – Modern white decorative boards
8 – Snowcap mittens
9 – Knit throw blanket
10 – Brass ribbed canisters
11 – Luxe candle
12 – Cheese stones
13 – Frosted gingerbread hand soap
14 – Mayberry napkins

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