Nov 21

How to Decorate Around a TV: A Foolproof Guide

how to decorate around a tv

After almost nine years, Justin and I finally took the plunge and upgraded our TV. And you guys? It has absolutely changed everything. We upgraded to the Amazon Fire TV, exclusively from Best Buy Canada, and not only has it made our television watching a significantly more enjoyable experience, but the aesthetic upgrade as well has been a wonderful added bonus. The picture quality insane, but because the Amazon Fire has a built-in smart experience, we automatically have access to a ton of apps, sites, Netflix and the like, which means there are significantly less cords and wires to manage. And because it’s integrated with Alexa (which is so cool) you can also use voice commands to switch the channel, to inquire about the weather while making your morning coffee, or to play trivia games (which is my favourite tool of the bunch – a great party trick, ha!) In addition, the frame has a super thin profile, which appeases my designer-loving heart.

{I’m in love with the thin, elegant, black frame on this TV}

{that Netflix button has already been put to WONDERFUL use}

{the thin profile thrills me to no end}

All this to say is that it got me thinking about televisions, and how they make such a huge difference when it comes to our decor. I sort of got used to our old clunker of a dinosaur of a TV, with all its crazy wires and engineered-like set ups in order to watch anything on Netflix, so this change has really opened my eyes (and I secretly wish we had done it YEARS ago). And while there have been a lot of little “how to decorate around a TV” tricks I’ve used in my design projects in the past, my very first tip would be to invest in the most beautiful TV you can afford. From there, here are three different ways to show you how to decorate around your TV…



The Gallery Wall

how to decorate around a TV

{potentially my favourite option of the bunch}

Essentially, the mission here is to make your beautiful new television work for you. I love the idea of surrounding it with a gallery wall, filled with some of your very favourite photos and mementos. This solution really makes for a visually interesting  focal point, and I love that it can make your family room feel that much more personal. Here we have some meaningful pieces that Justin and I have slowly collected over the years, including some photography from my talented sister, and sketches from a wonderful friend.



The Camouflage Effect

how to decorate around a TVI see this solution done frequently, and I think it’s a genius idea. The concept here is to paint the wall behind your television is on a dark colour so that there’s a lot less of a contrast, which makes the whole vignette feel seamless. I like taking it up a notch by hanging a few pieces of simple art above to draw your eye up when your TV is not in use.



The Play on Symmetry

how to decorate around a TV

Playing with symmetry is one of my favourite design tactics, and can easily be done when it comes to the “how to decorate around your TV” qualms.  The key here is to offset your television from your media stand, and then balance it with a series of art and vases on the opposite side. In this instance, because our TV feels quite heavy on the left, I used a number of lighter items, but really played with the verticality of the pieces by building up, and drawing the eye in that direction. It’s a great trick of the trade that can be used in so many different areas of your home.


There you have it – how to decorate around a TV, three different ways. If you have any questions please let me know! In the meantime, I want to thank Best Buy Canada for partnering with me on this post. And I want to thank you, my readers, for always being so supportive of my sponsors. It means the world!

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  1. Cecile Lau says:

    I always enjoy your posts Jacquelyn :)

    What if our tv is floating on the wall already? Same concepts can be used?

  2. Alex says:

    Any chance you could post sources for the pictures/photos? I know some are your own photography, but are the sketches from your friend for sale? Or any of the other prints? Thanks!

  3. Amanda says:

    Where did you get your media console? Or did you re-finish it? Thanks!

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