Oct 26

Scenes from my Week

I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me this week, but you guys it’s been something. And while I am incredibly grateful that nothing truly horrific happened, it’s just been one of those weeks where every seemingly minuscule thing that could go wrong, has. From battling for hours with FedEX over a massive error on their part (that may unfairly cost me $750, a story for another time…), to my drafting program crashing hours before a set of drawings were due, to the wrong tiles being delivered to a client on a time crunch, and beyond… How does that saying go? When it rains it pours? At any rate, nobody died, everyone is healthy, and it could always be worse (and repeat)! Justin and I are sneaking out early today to celebrate my nephews 1st birthday in Montreal, and I’m really looking forward to hit the reset button and take a little break . In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful one! Here’s a peek at the better parts of my week, in photos… 

{above: the prettiest house, as seen from a walk on the beach}

 {scenes from the pumpkin patch}{a delicious brunch at The Greenwood}

{our home, slowly but surely getting Halloween ready}

sources: sideboard | art | candlesticks | candle | vase | rat | skull garland  {Sage and I, heading out to meet The Blondielocks for a goodbye lunch}

wearing: coat | leggings | sweater | boots | purse

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  1. Ha! That’s Mandy and Kevin’s house. It is as lovely inside as it is outside. Sorry your week was a struggle.

  2. Céline says:

    Hello from Montreal,
    Have a good week end ,come and visit me

  3. All first world problems.
    Enjoy your downtime in Montreal.
    Beautiful photos!!! (as always)

  4. Girl, my week was exactly the same!!! Wth! it was a full moon though, and all the ‘scenes’ are still gorg x

  5. Katy Liza says:

    Sorry to hear about the FedEX mix up – that sounds so frustrating! But so know what you mean about ‘one of those weeks’ – I seem to have lots of those…! Anyway, beautiful photography and here’s to hoping this week coming up is a good one.

    Katy x

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