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How to Update Your Home for Fall in Small but Impactful Ways, Without Breaking the Bank


If you’ve been a reader for any length of time, you’ll already know that I have quite the affinity for fall. There’s just something about this particular shift in seasons that sets my heart aflutter like nothing else. Call it nesting, or pre-hibernation mode, but one thing I seriously look forward to each September is making small, but impactful changes when it comes to my home decor. But because the season’s so short, I find myself extra particular with where I spend my pennies. I recently discovered that eBay (of all places!) typically has the best deals of them all. In addition, I recently learned that over 80% of their items are brand new, and at any given time there’s over a billion items for sale. It’s legitimately become the first place I check if I’m ever looking for something – anything – (hi, pumpkin-shaped cast iron cocotte!), and I’ve been so pleased with my findings, the delivery times, and their prices so far. I’ve rounded up a few of my very favourite fall-like things for your home that I love, and I’ve shared a bunch of tips below on how they can instantly help freshen everything up, just in time for fall. 

1. | Lay down some runners and area rugs for added warmth underfoot. I love the idea of incorporating a few warmer neutrals, like mustards and taupes.
2. | Light some fall-inspired scented candles. My go-to’s all have smokey-meets-woodsy notes – this Feu de Bois scent is my absolute favourite.
3. | Sip out of a copper mug (note: they look particularly lovely stacked on any open shelving in your kitchen)
4. | Incorporate warmth through wood. I love putting beautiful wood cutting boards (like this!) on display in my kitchen this time of year. 
5. | Invest in a mixer, and keep it on your counter. I find that I do more baking between the months of September and December than all of the other months combined. There’s just something about spending a crisp fall day baking away that I adore. And adding a mixer to the, well, mix a few years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. 
6. & 7. | Stay cozy with bottomless (beautiful) mugs of (really delicious) tea.
8. | I love switching out my hand soap each season (in both our bathroom and kitchen). I recently swaped out a lavender version for its olive oil scented counterpart. I love that it feels unexpectedly fall; a small moment I take notice of each time I wash my hands. 
9. | When it comes to fall decorating, you can very quickly verge into the kitsch realm, so you do need to be careful. That said, I love incorporating the odd more “quirky” item, like this cocotte which I keep on our stove top, I now use regularly, and don’t know how I ever lived without. 
10. | Switch out your dishtowels for something slightly more festive, yet still elegant.
11. | Layer up with tons of cozy throws (this one is particularly lovely).
12. | Add textured toss cushions to your sofa (I love the contrasting tassels on this guy). 




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