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My Bachelorette in Charleston

A few weeks ago, a handful of my closest girlfriends surprised me with a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, for my bachelorette. To say that they went above and beyond to plan the most picture perfect bachelorette for me would be the understatement of the century. And, weeks later, I’m still absolutely bursting with love for this incredible crew of mine. I can say without a doubt that I’ve never felt so loved and so special in the entirety of my life. 

{Above: all the pretty, all the time}

{outside 86 Cannon}

We stayed downtown in the most incredible Air BnB (more on that in my *coles notes* below). Built in 1802 it was oozing with charm and character, and just a stones throw away from most everything. It was an incredible spot – one in which I definitely plan on visiting again, and it’s now filled with the most beautiful memories. 

{post-massage at the Belmont}

Once we landed, my friends whisked me off to the Belmont Spa and surprised me with an hour long massage, which gave them time to get our air bnb set up. It was absolutely genius on their behalf. It was hands down the very best way to kick off a trip – (especially because I’m such a baby when I’m tired from travelling – my friends know me well). It’s something I hope to implement again in the future. 

{beauty on every corner}

Upon returning back to our home away from home, I was surprised once more when one of my best friends from Sweden showed up at our door. Naturally, all of the tears ensued, and if my bachelorette ended at that very moment I would have been more than satisfied.

{brunch at Basic Kitchen}

But alas, they had much, much, more in store for us. And while the majority of our trip was spent walking from one place to eat to the next (oh my gosh the food in Charleston you guys), my friends had a few other right-up-my-alley activities thoughtfully planned.

{outside the Tea Plantation}

From a tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation*, which if you know me at all is so in my wheelhouse.  To a trip to the farmers’ market. To visiting Rainbow Row and beyond, it was a jam-packed few days filled to the brim with love and beauty, and so many surprises.

{most of my very favourite people}

* I secretly love that we were by far the youngest members visiting. I’ve always been a grandmother at heart, and we most definitely brought the median age of the place down to a solid 72 <3

{a 400 year old Angel-Oak tree}

Charleston is a truly incredible place. Not only is it picture perfect almost everywhere you turn, but it’s quaint, friendly, and steeped in southern charm. I loved that most everything was totally walkable, and it boasted some of the best food I’ve eaten to date.

{the oldest home in Charleston}

And while there’s no question it’s steeped in a rich history, I feel like it’s important to not gloss over the fact that much of it is horrendous. We didn’t have the chance to really delve into its dark history this round, but know that we will most definitely be back. 

{The Mills House}

I do feel like we’ve just begun to scratch the surface on all things Charleston, but I wanted to share in more detail everything we did manage to tackle in our few short days there. I’ve compiled a list *coles notes* style below. And know that we will most definitely be back. 

{The historic Mills and John Rutledge House}

{Sugar Bake Shop}


[break]WHERE WE STAYED[break]

This air bnb. It was beautiful, comfortable, and in an incredible location


[break]WHERE WE ATE[break]

Husk – known for farm to table goodness and most definitely worth the hype

Leon’s Poultry & Oyster Bar – the oysters in particular were next level good

Basic Kitchen – a fabulous brunch and beautiful atmosphere

Jeni’s Ice Cream – for next level ice cream

Callie’s Biscuits – for late night eats

Pancito & Lefty – for margaritas

Hominy Grill – for brunch


[break]WHAT WE DID[break]

to be honest, it was pretty rainy all weekend so we mostly just walked around and ate,
which was kind of perfect. but here are a few fun things we did do

A post-flight massage at the Belmond – a sweet surprise from my friends,
and the best way to kick off a trip

Walked around South of Broad – filled with incredible historic

homes with fairy-tale like gardens

Visited a 400 year old angel oak tree – it was incredible

Rainbow row – a series of 13 colourful historic homes


Walked the university campus – it’s so beautiful

The Farmers’ Market in Marion Square
Shopped at Charleston City Market

Charleston Tea Plantation


[break]WHAT WE MISSED[break]

a few places to add to our list for next time


Sullivans Island – sadly it rained most of our trip so we didn’t make it,
but I’ve heard the beach is beautiful

Boone Hall – where a good chunk of the notebook was filmed

The Haunted Jail Tour – interestingly, this sort of thing
is SO up my alley, so we’ll be back for it for sure

Sugar Bakeshop – sadly it was closed when we arrived, 
but if it’s as tasty as it is cute we’re all in for a treat

Zero George – I’m so sad we missed this one 
as I’ve heard amazing things, but we’ll be back for sure

Fig – make sure you call for reservations
weeks in advance

The Harbinger Café

Darling Oyster Bar

One Broad Street


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  1. Linda says:

    I love this post and will refer to it when I get to go there. It’s so good to always have references to places you’ve never been.

    I would also love to know what camera and lens you use for your pics. They’re so professional. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Brenda says:

    Lovely. So happy for you!

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