May 23

The Secret to Ensuring Your Home (Almost) Always Feels Magazine-Ready

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Between this here blog and my design business, I sort of, kind of, almost always have to ensure that our home is as close to “magazine-ready” as possible at all times. Not only do we shoot a lot of things around here, but I also work from home and often have clients swing by to go over design things, which means things simply need to look a certain way on any given day. Staying on top of this, admittedly, used to cause me all sorts of anxiety, but after years of the stuff I’ve really honed in on my very best cleaning tips and tricks. It’s taken me a long time to figure out my best practices, but I have gotten there over the years. I’ve teamed up with Best Buy and Dyson on this post to share what I do to ensure that our home is (almost) always magazine-ready. And I promise it’s not all that difficult. 



Purging your belongings is the very first step to ensuring your home is almost always magazine-ready. I used to be a bit of a hoarder – keeping everything that held even the slightest bit of emotion –  but have since decided that less is absolutely more. You guys, there’s no need to keep that mini golf pencil because it was used on your third date (*formerly guilty*). Over the last two years I’ve gone through every last inch of our home and gotten rid of everything that doesn’t serve a purpose, or spark joy in my life. Our home is now filled with only what’s necessary, or beautiful, and man it feels good. Not only do we have space to move and breathe, but we now have less stuff to clean and take care of, which is a wonderful bonus and makes the rest significantly easier. 

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I once read that life feels easier if your home is always 10 minutes away from being guest-ready, and I feel like that rings very true – at least in our household. Around here, we like to stay on top of things by coming up with systems that work well for us, and tidying up as we go about our day. We always start each day by making our bed. And we never really tuck in for the night without making sure that our living room blankets are folded and in their basket, our daily mail is opened and filed or recycled, and the dishes are cleaned and put away. We essentially designed our home so that everything has a place, and we make sure that most everything goes back to said place by the end of most days. We, of course, give ourselves grace during particularly busy weeks, which are inevitable. But for the most part staying on top of everything and tidying as we go has been a game changer.



Similar to tidying as we go, we also like to stay on top of things by each tackling one big chore every week. Whether that’s quickly vacuuming the entire house with our new Dyson V10*, scrubbing the bathroom, or washing our windows… Simply focusing on one big task feels significantly less overwhelming than needing to constantly set aside 6+ hours to scrub everything from top to bottom.  

 *which, and I swear I’m not just saying this because this post is sponsored, is amazing.

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When Justin and I first moved in together, we purchased a Dyson Animal secondhand from a friend who was moving abroad. It was a serious upgrade from the $50 vacuum I had brought with me from my first apartment and, you guys, it changed everything. Vacuuming quickly stopped becoming a chore, and legitimately became the thing that we would excitedly tackle (and often argue about whose turn it was) each week. We’ve since upgraded to the aforementioned  Dyson V10 for the purpose of this post, and it is the most delightful thing. It’s lightweight, it’s easy, and it gobbles up every last millimetre of debris in the most satisfying way. It quickly made me realize that your cleaning tools are imperative to ensure you stay on top of everything. You essentially want to make the cleaning process as easy as physically possible by investing in the best products you can afford. This way, you remove any frustration and headache, and ensure you’ll actually stay on top of it all. 



A big thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this post, and and even bigger thank you to YOU, for supporting my sponsors. It means a whole lot!


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  1. Dani says:

    We love our Dyson! & I agree, make chores as easy as possible. Great post :)

  2. Sharni says:

    Oooh wait I love that ’10 minutes away from guest-ready’ concept! Might need to have a chat to my partner about it – lol – wish me luck!

    Sharni |

  3. Meghan says:

    I love our Dyson! We use it almost daily and its been amazing for dog hair and keeping things tidy! Also, where did you get that white bookshelf?

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  7. Zoe says:

    There’s no vacuum like Dyson. Great tips. I like how surfaces are purposefully kept cleared and how baskets hide the various knick-knacks all homes have. One way that helps keep a home magazine-ready is to respect Feng Shui. Check this out

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