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Behind the Scenes with Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her Photography

0001-Reid-Lambshead-When He Found Her-Wedding Photography

Today’s Behind the Scenes post is particularly exciting for me as I know with absolute certainty that Reid’s work will hold a special place in our hearts for as long as we live. He’s the wonderfully talented photographer behind When He Found Her, and he also happens to be our wedding photographer. His work is like art and speaks to every fibre of my being, and it thrills me to no end that he’s going to play a (huge) role in our wedding day. Needless to say, it’s an absolute honour to have him as part of this series today. 

If there are any other makers or entrepreneurs you’d like me to feature in this series, please let me know in the comments below. And feel free to check out the others right here.
When He Found Her | lark & linenWhen did you first discover photography? How did you know it was what you wanted to do?
I first picked up a film camera at a garage sale when I was young. My parents would buy me some film for when we went camping and I absolutely loved the entire process. I never owned a proper professional or semi-professional camera until many years later for a trip to South East Asia. For 3.5 months I photographed everyday. I was hooked, and I haven’t stopped since!

When He Found Her | lark & linen0003-Reid-Lambshead-When He Found Her-Wedding PhotographyWhat’s the hardest thing about being your own boss?
Time management, and learning to say no to the right things.

Where is your workspace and what do you love most about it?
I recently found a beautiful workspace in Niagara. It has allowed me to define and sustain a better work-life balance and it’s a blast being surrounded by other working professionals and creators.

When He Found Her | lark & linenWhat do you love to shoot most?
Absolutely anything in beautiful light. Even the simplest of things can tell a story with the right light… But I do have a blast chasing after my kids and capturing daily life with them.

What is the best piece of advice you were given when starting out?
Always keep shooting and taking time for yourself, it’s where you will find the inspiration to take your business to the next level.

When He Found Her | lark & linenWhen your creativity well has run dry, what do you do to get inspired again?
I retreat. I need to take a break and find time for myself or spend it with family. Telling stories for a living and needing to capture moments authentically requires me to be fully present and aware. Whenever I start to feel drained or uninspired it’s because I haven’t allowed myself the ability live enough life outside of work. I find that just being outside, going out with friends, hiking, or even just taking 10 mins to be silent and take in a sunset helps me recalibrate and be inspired. Throwing in a glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.

When He Found Her | lark & linenWhat kinds of subjects, colors, or locations are inspiring you right now?
My kids, the way the sun beautifully sets behind the vineyard in our backyard, and anything that’s green or a sign of Spring… I think we can all agree that winter has lasted far too long this year!

When He Found Her | lark & linenHow do you create a work-life balance in a field where your workload can change drastically by the season?
I feel that a “good” work-life balance is a mirage that every year feels closer, but is always just out of reach; There always seems to be something new that demands more of your attention. However, I try to do my best by putting the right things in place. Structure has been extremely helpful for me. Whether I’m swamped or I have a slow week – I need to be in the office, and I need to be home at a certain time. Finding a great workspace close to home has been a game changer for me! It doesn’t make everything perfect, but I really helps.

When He Found Her | lark & linenWhen did your business make a level jump, and what was that like?
For me, it was deciding to start shooting film. I was inspired. I was capturing moments I never would have using a digital camera; I was more present and less focused on my equipment and the photos I was taking, and more focused on what was happening through my lens. I saw a huge increase in the quality of my work, and the quality of wedding inquires.

When He Found Her | lark & linenWhat upcoming project are you most excited to work on right now?
A few years ago I started hosting workshops for other wedding photographers looking to grow their business and develop their craft. This year I am excited to be exploring new areas of teaching and education!

0004-Reid-Lambshead-When He Found Her-Wedding PhotographyI wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for…
My faith and my Wife’s love and support.

Photography: When He Found Her

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  1. Michelle says:

    His work looks gorg! & you will be a gorg bride regardless — especially love the huge b&w print he’s holding in the one shot. x

  2. Kurtz says:

    Congrats- Reid is one of film wedding photographers i look up to, i feel very luck to have assisted him with few shoots. Cant wait to see how your wedding will turn out. Its going to be so beautiful.

  3. Anetka says:

    Wow! Love his work; it’s super authentic and quite flawless. Great choice, Jacqueline. I’m certain your wedding photos will be northing short of stunning. Looking forward to following along until your Wedding Day and the photo that will accompany

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  5. Emma hill says:

    His work looks amazing with creative photography.

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