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DIY Bunny Ears Ice Cream Cones

Bunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linen

If my Easter archives are of any indication, I not so secretly adore the Easter holiday. Perhaps its the fact that it coincides with Spring, or perhaps it’s simply because it’s so darn cute, either way I’m a fan. And if you know me but at all, you’re already well aware that I’m always on the hunt for little festive ways to celebrate. And these edible DIY bunny ear ice cream cones? Well it may be my favourite way yet. Grab the steps below!

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Bunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linenBunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linenBunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linenBunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linenBunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linenBunny Ears Ice Cream Cones | lark & linen


Leaf cookie cutter (we used the largest size leaf in this set)
Ice cream
Waffle cones
Piping bags
Decorating couplers (one coupler for each color you’ll be doing)
Round #4 icing tip
Round #8 icing tip
Icing colors
Parchment paper
Sugar cookie ingredients
Icing ingredients


1) Mix sugar cookie dough. We use (and love!) this recipe from Sweet Sugarbelle, but cut it in half because we didn’t need one zillion ears.

2) Let your cookie dough chill in the fridge (optional with Sugarbelle’s recipe). After an hour, roll out onto a floured cutting board to be about 1/4″ thick. Use the leaf cookie cutter to cut out bunny ear shapes and place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Just flip over every other ear shape to make the ear “pairs”.

3) Bake the cookie bunny ears at 400°F for 7-8 minutes, then move to a cooling rack to let cool completely.

4) Mix the frosting. We use this recipe from Sweet Sugarbelle. Divide the frosting into 3 (or however many colors) equal-ish parts, putting each into it’s own bowl.

5) Add icing color to each bowl (you only need a very small bit- start with a dab on a toothpick) and mix with a spoon until the color matches the ice cream you’ll be serving.

6) Fill piping bags (one with each color) and put on the #4 tip on the first bag. Pipe the outline of each ear, making pairs of two ears in each color. You can remove the #4 tip and rinse out before switching to the next color. Continue piping until all the ears are outlined.

7) Squeeze out the remaining icing from the piping bags back into the bowls, and add a small amount of water to thin out the icing to be flood consistency. Mix thoroughly, then pour back into the piping bags and use the #8 tip.

8) Pipe a bit of flood icing into the center of each ear (just enough to fill the shape) and use a toothpick to move the frosting around to fill it completely. Here’s a video from Holly Fox to show you how this process should look. Let icing set.

9) At serving time, scoop ice cream into waffle cones, then plant a pair of bunny ear cookies at the top of each cone. Voila!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography

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  3. This is such a cute idea!

    I always have trouble finding really cute and easy ways to celebrate Easter (it’s one of my fav holidays too and it sometimes happens to fall on my bday)!

    Definitely bookmarking this idea for next year!

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