Jan 29

Monday Musings

c0f132ce66b76c56ed36d73b2876cf8bA few links I’m lovin’ lately…

:: Cute Valentine’s Day ideas
:: My top pinned image, lately
:: Advice for bettering your relationship
:: 7 things successful women do in January
:: My favourite pjs in the whole world, currently on super sale
:: My current favourite Instagrammer (I MEAN CAN YOU NOT?!)
:: And my current least favourite Instagrammer (BUT I CAN’T STOP STARING!)



Photo: Nicole Davis Interiors

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  1. Cathy Weber says:

    I could not stop laughing at the instagram bad home decor choices. So funny for a Monday morning. Thank you!!!

  2. Ha ha…your least favourite Instagrammer is awesome. I can’t stop staring either!

  3. […] 4. Design fails. This Instagram account had me laughing out loud. Look at the photos, and read the comments, too. Hilarious! I think I should submit a photo of my wallpapered furnace. I’m sure it would make the “please hate these things” cut. (source: Jacquelyn Clark) […]

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