Jan 23

Behind the Scenes of a Boho Abode

boho home tour_1


I will be the first to admit that sometimes I struggle with design A.D.D. One moment I’m all about old Victorians with knee-high baseboards, and the next I’m in the mood to trade it all in for an eclectic, boho home tour, ripe with vintage rugs, like this one from Corre Marie. There’s just something so incredible, so approachable, about a space that feels as if it’s been carefully curated over the years, and filled to the brim with unique finds. You’d never know it’s only two years old… It’s lived in and loved in the best possible way, and I think you’ll agree after peeping the rest of this home tour…

boho home tour_2 boho home tour_3 boho home tour_4 boho home tour_5 boho home tour_6 boho home tour_7 boho home tour_8 boho home tour_9 boho home tour_10 boho home tour_11 boho home tour_12 boho home tour_13 boho home tour_14 boho home tour_15 boho home tour_16 boho home tour_17


Design: Corre Marie | Photos: Anne Ciotola

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Love this! It looks like every item has a story behind it. Beds are quite unique. Love how the white backdrop makes everything pop. The hand painted pieces of furniture are gorgeous.

  2. Susan says:

    What is the flooring used in the kitchen? Love the look.

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