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The Best Home Tours of 2017

best home tours 2017

My “house envy” series is one of the only verticals that’s been around since the inception of my blog back in 2010 – which is such a crazy thought. Consisting of some of the most stunning home tours from around the world, it’s definitely a reader favourite, and one that I look forward to pulling together week after week. Last year my blog traffic reached record highs in this category, and I thought it’d be fun to take a quick peek back at some of the fan favourites – the best home tours of 2017, if you will. Following are the ones that received the most love on this here blog over the course of the last year, and for good reason…

[break]Our Living Room Reveal[break]

While not technically a full home tour, it was by far my most popular design post last year.
Click here to check it out. 

lark-linen_ORC_2SHOP THE POST: 


[break]Lauren Conrad’s California Abode

Boho magic in every sense. Click here to check it out. 




[break]My Industrial-Meets-Boho Client Reveal[break]

I’m proud of all of my design projects for various reasons, but this one really spoke to a lot of you. 
Click here to check it out. 


[break]Cottage Living, Done Oh So Right[break]

I, personally, love it when Canada gets to represent – and this Muskoka cottage
shows what we’re really capable of. Click here to check it out!



[break]The Beach House to Trump All Beach Houses[break]

If that indoor/outdoor kitchen doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will. Click here to check it out!est_living_palm_beach_house_7-e1494625390541


[break]Proof that White is Anything but Boring [break]

I featured Erin Featherston’s home THREE TIMES last year and I don’t even care because it’s
that good (and apparently you guys agree). Click here to check it out!breakfast-nook


Unfortunately, my personal favourite fell a little flat traffic wise (and I still don’t understand why – I mean LOOK HOW PRETTY!) I’d love to know – do you have a favourite? Was there one in particular that stood out to you last year that didn’t make the list? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Sue says:

    When I tap on an item to shop the look…it directs me to Pinterest…is that correct?

    • Ugh no, I’m so sorry – I know it’s such a pain. It only seems to do this for half of my readers and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I promise I am working on it! Out of curiosity, if you try using a different web browser does it still direct you to Pinterest?

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