Oct 24

Sarah Off the Grid

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Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have a love hate relationship with HGTV shows. I love that they make design more accessible, but their timelines and budgets are often misleading and tend to drive me, and my fellow Interior Designers alike, a little batty. Never the less, they’ve become somewhat of a guilty pleasure over the years, and Sarah Richardson’s shows in particular tend to set my heart aflutter. I love her witty banter with her adorable sidekick Tommy, and getting a firsthand peek at their process. And her most recent show, Sarah Off the Grid, is of no exception. I totally got sucked in each Sunday, and adore that they’re showcasing that form and function can live harmoniously. Here’s a peek at a beautiful, totally off the grid, home, located just north of Toronto. It’s warm and cozy, yet totally timeless, complete with a healthy mix of high and low. I’ll be the first to admit that I’d happily call it my own. 

Sarah off the grid__Kitchen_41 Sarah off the grid__Kitchen_3 Sarah off the grid__Kitchen_2 Sarah off the grid__Kitchen_1 Sarah off the grid__Dining-Room_1 Sarah off the grid__Dining-Room_3 Sarah off the grid__Living-Room_1 Sarah off the grid__Living-Room_4 Sarah off the grid_basement 1 Sarah off the grid__Powder-room_1 Sarah off the grid__PowderRoom_PictureFrames1 Sarah off the grid__Laundry-Room_1 Sarah off the grid__Master-Bedroom_1 Sarah off the grid__MasterSuite_Chair1 Sarah off the grid__Master-Bedroom_4 Sarah off the grid__Master-Bedroom_2 Sarah off the grid_master bedroom 1 Sarah off the grid__Master-Bathroom_3 Sarah off the grid__Master-Bathroom_2 Sarah off the grid__Master-Bathroom_1 Sarah off the grid_hall Sarah off the grid__Robin-Bathroom_2 Sarah off the grid__Robin-Bathroom_1 Sarah off the grid_landing Sarah off the grid__Fiona-Bathroom_2 Sarah off the grid__Fiona-Bathroom_1 Sarah off the grid_hall 2 Sarah off the grid_belvedere 1 Sarah off the grid_belvedere 2 Sarah off the grid_belvedere 3 Sarah off the grid__Living-Room_5 Sarah off the grid_belvedere 4


Design: Sarah Richardson | Photography: Stacey Brandford for HGTV

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  1. So much to love about this home! I love the mixture of warm materials and cool paint colors. I’m definitely with you about HGTV. Some of the timelines drive me absolutely batty, and the fact that much of the furniture shown is staging pieces and not factored into the budget? Still, some of the shows are great for inspiration, and after watching a show or two while I sip my coffee, I’m ready to go paint walls, stain banisters, or whatever else needs to be done that day!

  2. Katelyn says:

    Oh my god I looooove Sarah Richardson, I wish we saw her shows here in the states!! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures!

  3. It’s a pretty incredible home. I lost count of the bathrooms!

  4. Kari says:

    The loveseat at the end of the bed OMG I need that in my life. Totally perfect!!

  5. Emma Metson says:

    Oh my gosh this home is beautiful! I’m not even sure how to put my awe into words, but I had to comment regardless.

    How impressive that this house is totally off grid too! Is that the case with many homes in Toronto Jacquelyn?

  6. whitney says:

    What a beautiful home – the attention to detail is so impressive. I particularly love the ceiling detail I the dining room. I want to move in, too! I’d never heard of this show but will definitely be watching it.

  7. Kirsten Cash says:

    What is the brand name and color of the kitchen countertops?

  8. I couldn’t choose what to put my sincerest compliments on. All the lighting is absolutely original, the dining area with the choice of chairs and table is stunning and as a hug fan of brightness, I have to say I adore the sitting area by the large windows. Also the carpeting and the materials and the patterns for the sofa match perfectly. Compliments to the designer!

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