Aug 17

A Few Things You Should Snag for your Home & Closet

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I really don’t want to be that person. You know – the one that starts celebrating fall long before it’s time… But it just so happens to be my favourite season of all, and I can’t help but begin to notice just the slightest hint of crispness in the air each evening as of late. And while I’m still donning my summer sandals and linen dresses for as long as I physically can, I have to admit that I’ve found myself, on more than one occasion, wrapped in a cosy blanket as I sift through my inbox each morning, and the shift has me undeniably excited. With that in mind, for this month’s “currently coveting” post I’ve naturally been drawn to pieces that will transition from summer to fall with ease. Following are a few things I currently have my eye on, for both my home and my closet. 

PS: I may or may not have also just ordered this robe, in heather grey, for said mornings. Don’t judge me!Currently Coveting[break]Image: Could I Have That? 

1) The softest throw
2) The prettiest chunky heel
3) The most beautiful bowl – ever
4) The perfect every day bag
5) A beautiful red lip
6) The cutest ruffled jacket
7) The perfect ripped jean
8) The prettiest wall sconce
9) The loveliest perfume
10) The cutest blushing mule
11) Timeless sunglasses
12) The most glorious storage basket
13) My dream chair
14) This shampoo (in fact, the whole line is wonderful)
15) The coziest cardigan

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  1. Maja Harder says:

    I really am in love with the ultra cool chair you have found !

  2. Aw. The ruffled jacket – love it! And the robe – yes, I’m in the market for a fabulous new robe, too!

  3. Emily says:

    I don’t see a link to the bowl – could you provide? It’s gorgeous!

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