Jul 12

Where I Buy my Vintage Rugs

where to buy vintage rugs online
Truth be told, I’ve been hesitant for a while to write this post. I mean, I am all about sharing my sources wherever and whenever possible, but when something is one of a kind it naturally makes me second guess whether or not I want to divulge. Admittedly, the vintage (or vintage-inspired) rug hoarder within me is still slightly uncomfortable with the whole idea (I want them all for myself!!), but when it comes down to it I fully believe that the more you give, the more you receive. Be it love, positivity or, well, rugs (ha), it’s the law of attraction and I swear by it to my core. Plus, not only is hoarding any one thing essentially selfish, but ultimately nobody wins. You don’t get to enjoy the bounty, these incredible shop owners don’t get to sell, and I don’t get to witness beauty spreading near and far. So with that in mind I’m spilling my designer secrets! Following are my favourite online sources for vintage rugs of all shapes, sizes, and colour palettes. 

Image: Amber Interiors

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the sources.
    Amber’s website storefront is called Shoppe, not Shoppy, if you want to update the reference…

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