Jul 7

Scenes from my Week

Truth be told, between house hunting, packing, renovating and moving last summer Justin and I both agreed that we didn’t really GET a summer. And now that all of the madness is mostly behind us, I feel as if we have some lost time to make up for this year. We headed up to the cottage for the long weekend last weekend, which felt all the sweeter since it wasn’t something we did much of last year. We spent the vast majority of our weekend bathing suit-clad, with a cold beer in hand, and if that isn’t the very best way to spend a long weekend, well I don’t know what is. There’s more summer-y goodness on the docket in the next few weeks, and I have to admit that it feels damn good. Here’s a peek at said week in photos, and here’s to hoping that this weekend is as wonderful as last. 

strawberry season  {my favourite time 0f the year at the Farmers’ market}candid engagement photo{shooting my adorable cousin and her equally adorable fiancĂ©}spicy watermelon

{mid-afternoon pick me up}

ps: I’m wearing these jeans (almost daily), this shirt, and these shoes (which I adore)

dog nap {the best nap buddy in the world}

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  1. Louise (Mom) says:

    Yes James is a great sleep buddy for Sage. Lol… love this pic!

  2. Sarah Osborn says:

    Love your blog. My organization,, supports artists living with disabilities and homelessness through celebration and sale of their original artwork to companies and workplaces! Check us out! If you’re interested in making the invisible more visible, or want to hear more about what we do, shoot me an email and I can tell you even more!


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  4. Patricia says:

    Cutest picture ever
    Just love Sage!! Cutest dog evet

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