Apr 10

My Dream Laundry Room Design (+ a $2,000 Value Giveaway)

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I recently joked on Instagram (here) that I’m not sure when my laundry room lusting first began, but I’m fairly confident that it marked my official foray into adulthood. Although I can’t exactly remember a time when I didn’t drool over a beautifully designed laundry room, it’s only since we purchased our first home (and have one of our own to speak of) that the obsession really and truly began. Ours is currently located in our unfinished basement and, while we’re still a little ways away from pulling the trigger on our own laundry reno, I secretly can’t wait for the transformation. And with National Laundry Day coming up on April 15th, it only seemed fitting to chat about said space today.  

When it comes to laundry room design, however, I’ve noticed a significant shift as of late. These days, they’re very rarely an after thought. Both form and function are married now more than ever to create a space that not only acts as your home’s workhorse, but looks damn good while doing so. Whether you’re incorporating GE’s stunning new designer line of washer and dryers in diamond grey, a deep and delicious farmhouse sink, or the most glorious tile that you’ve ever set your sights on, it’s a no holds barred space and I’m all for it. Following is how I’d design the laundry room of my dreams, if (and slash or when) given the opportunity.

Dream Laundry Room Design


And while I still may be a little ways away from the laundry room of my dreams, I’m really excited to be able to give you the opportunity to get a little closer to yours. I’ve teamed up with GE to give away a diamond grey washer and dryer from their new Designer Line (as seen above). They marry both form and function in the very best of ways, paying homage to the classic top load machines, which are making a huge come back (and for good reason). Simply follow the steps to enter below:

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PS: Check out my laundry room pinspiration here. That whole board makes me embarrassingly happy


Open to Canadian readers. Giveaway open until April 16th at 11:59 pm EST. A giveaway winner will be drawn at random using the rafflecopter widget and e-mailed privately. A big thank you to GE for sponsoring this post. 

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  1. Christine says:

    The baskets are beautiful!

  2. leah says:

    In the middle of a laundry room reno ourselves. Love everything in this post and I agree that lusting after a well-appointed laundry room is an “official foray into adulthood.” Off to check the link to the lighting fixture….

  3. Amelia McClure says:

    This is giving me such bad laundry room envy! Mark 27 down as totally adult–too bad my laundry room is a dungeon!

  4. Nicole Mcnamee says:

    About to redo my basementninto a mud/laundry room. This is great inspiration!!

  5. Elisabeth says:

    WOW! This is awesome. A new house calls for new appliances… Fingers crossed! xo

  6. Caitlin Grant says:

    This would be amazing! And you’ve already done the work for me designing a beautiful laundry room. Thank you, and yay!

  7. Miriam says:

    I’m really loving the look of coloured cabinets lately– especially for a laundry room! Beautiful inspiration as always!!

  8. Lauren Hire says:

    This is amazing, I am always trying to figure out ways to make our small laundry closet more functional! I loooove that floor tile!!

  9. tamsen says:

    ahhh, love your inspiration board! i’m still debating losing a bedroom on our main floor to bring my laundry upstairs- i was spoiled in our previous home with a main floor laundry and now I hate going all the way to the basement!

  10. Barb Walker says:

    Oh man….it sounds like I am as obsessed with laundry rooms as you! lol! We are just about to begin a new build, and and our laundry/mud room is one of my favourite rooms to think about!

  11. Kelsey G says:

    I am about to build on a laundry addition – this is great inspiration!

  12. Lura says:

    We are closing on our first house together TODAY! And I cannot wait to the give laundry room a huge makeover. It is connected to the guest 1/2 bath so it will need to look clean and pretty while being functional… Thanks for getting my wheels turning on how to make our future laundry room presentable! And I will be taking a gander at that GE line! ;)

  13. julia says:

    Living in San Francisco, laundry rooms are not often pretty tiny but with this washer and dryer in one, this would be the perfect option! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Kelly says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Our “laundry room” is currently an unfinished room that houses both our laundry and furnace. I’d love the chance to spruce it up a bit as well! I totally lust over all the beautiful laundry rooms that I see on pinterest.

  15. Rebekah says:

    So pretty! And perfect timing as I am redoing my laundry room as I type… Complete demo and reno. underway and in need of a W/D combo….yes, please!!!

  16. Elizabeth Smillie says:

    I can’t even imagine winning this – it would be so amazing! But I’m not sure if I qualify since I’m in the US? Regardless, I have loved following you! Your work is always so dreamy.

  17. LIsa says:

    Beautiful laundry room!

  18. Melissa F says:

    Amazing! I need to know what that cabinet colour is! 😍

  19. Nataliya says:

    Pick me! Pick me! This would be absolutely amazing to win!!

  20. Dominique says:

    Eeek! I have major laundry room envy. Ours needs an update so bad!

  21. Shauna says:

    Such an amazing giveaway! And that design board is perfect :)

  22. Elizabeth Smyth says:

    So beautiful! Laundry envy!

  23. Natalie says:

    That flooring is gorgeous!! This laundry room design is truly my dream!! Soon to be a homeowner, and I can’t wait to design a space that makes me want to do laundry :)

  24. Miranda says:

    Love this inspo! So good

  25. Abby says:

    That is the most beautiful washer and dryer I’ve ever seen! I love that the laundry room is a small enough room that it feels safe to go bold!

  26. Caitlin says:


  27. Chelsea says:

    I too have an unfinished basement laundry sitch going on, but oooh my bold wallpapered dreams of laundry rooms in the future are 😍😍😍

    Washer and dryer are both on their last legs so, this would be a fantastic jump start to that laundry space

  28. Erin Elder says:

    I love the color of the washer ❤️ Just bought a new condo and this post gave me some inspiration for my own laundry makeover.

  29. Trisha says:

    I too am suffering from laundry room envy! It must be going around!

  30. Kiley contois says:

    This would be amazing, my dryer absolutely hates me. I totaly get your laundry room dreams, I literally dream about renovating my sad sad laundry room! Love the post!

  31. Lia says:

    Ahhh *so* in need of a new washer and dryer for our newly purchased first home. Love the colour and LOVE that top loading is coming back!!

  32. Kajani Gengatharan says:

    I love your mood board for your laundry design! I’m totally digging the new GE appliances, we are moving soon so will definitely look into their line!

  33. Dresden says:

    I love how neutral everything is but still gives such a statement.

  34. Mubarak says:

    The blues are sooo fregreshing!

  35. Mubarak says:

    I mean refreshing 🤔.

  36. Gwendolyn Jordan says:

    Some great ideas for my laundry room

  37. Lindsay says:

    This would make laundry so much for fun! We need a new washer/dryer that isn’t as noisy as our old one. Baby is coming in June!

  38. Alexie says:

    Looks beautiful! I’ve entered… fingers crossed!

  39. Anna says:

    Beautiful Colours!

  40. Petra Gould says:

    Love your blog, very inspirational! We’ve been very happy with GE appliances.

  41. Michelle Policelli says:

    It would be so incredible to win this beautiful washer/dryer set! Thank you for this giveaway :)

  42. BlessedTA says:

    Great review.

  43. Sarah Newton says:

    Absolutely love the color scheme and everything! Definitely need to get a farmhouse sink!

  44. chelsey says:

    those are gorgeous appliances! i love the grey color!

  45. I love the cabinet colour and flooring combo! Absolutely stunning. This make me realize we desperately need a laundry room makeover.

  46. Jo Wearing says:

    Loving this inspo! The dark appliances + the amazing cement tile = love!

  47. Libby says:

    I would love a beautiful/functional laundry room. Better appliances would be a good start!

  48. JenS says:

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! Good luck to everyone

  49. Emily says:

    My husband and I are JUST about to move and on the hunt for washer and dryer — this would be PERFECT! #youngnewlywedcollegestudents
    I am just obsessed with this site — i’m a new follower and in love!

  50. Anna Roszak-Robinson says:

    Love your page and what an awesome giveaway <3 This would be a life saver if I won. My washer died and Igo to the laundry matt, with 3 kids we sure have a lot of dirty clothes LOL. Thank you for the opportunity.

  51. Michelle says:

    Love this timeless elegance!

  52. Katherin Creighton-Taylor says:

    Great job – I love it all! What a great opportunity to win a gorgeous laundry pair!!

  53. Alexandra says:

    Love the tile!

  54. Lindsey says:

    Love the color of the washer dryer!

  55. Steph says:

    Laundry room goals 😍

  56. Francis says:

    Merci :D

  57. Mousemouse604 says:

    I love the colors and farmhouse sink

  58. Kisha says:

    I’m still a few years away from a laundry room makeover (have to buy a house first!) but how lovely would it be to have the two major appliances already and waiting to go??? fingers crossed!

  59. Tracey says:

    This is gorgeous! So inspirational as we are planning a laundry room reno as soon as we can afford it.

  60. Jenny M says:

    Amazing! What a great giveaway!

  61. Stephanie Lepp says:

    Dream laundry room!

  62. Patrick B says:

    thanks for the chance. And now the need to redo my laundry room.

  63. Carolyn Mui says:

    Love the blue as well!

  64. Belinda Pabian says:

    Love this! Our laundry room is in our unfinished basement. I also want to do powder blue cabinets with marble. Can’t wait to get started!

  65. Kendall says:

    This is an amazing giveaway! my boyfriends mom is in her 50s and has never lived a day in her life without caring for her mother who just recently passed away. She has always been taking care of someone else and never put much time into updating her home or doing things for her. She has a super old washer and dryer from the 90s and it would be great to win her an updated washer and dryer for her house. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

  66. Julie says:

    Love the laundry inspiration board!

  67. Britt Stager says:

    Love everything about your inspiration board! I’ve been dying to redo my laundry room… but it will lead to a full basement reno… which I am just not ready to tackle right now! But who needs a finished laundry room when you have this beautiful laundry pair!!! Am I right!? Fingers crossed & thanks for the chance to win! :)

  68. jan says:

    The laundry room is gorgeous!

  69. Sandra Saunders says:

    My front loading washer has been leaking every time I use it… winning these GE top loaders would be a dream!

  70. Kathy says:

    Beautiful – great inspiration to get me started on mine!

  71. Lisa says:

    “I absolutely adore the art pieces…” Creates such a calmness, which I love.

  72. Adrienne says:

    My laundry room is a travesty! It has been on my home’s To Do list for quite some time and the poor little thing keeps getting bumped with other projects. I would love to recreate the ideas you have here! Thanks for the inspiration!

  73. Erin says:

    Stunning design! Would totally die if I won this! Two boys and a little girl on the way creates loads of laundry. I spend way too much time in there!

  74. Patricia says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration

  75. Nancy Loring says:

    My laundry room consist of wood floors and sheetrock. I am in the process of redoing my laundry room. Narrowing down my choice of flooring, coloring, do I want shelves, what kind of shelves, what kind of counter. Just when I think that I know what I want i see something that i like better. This will be done by summer. I hope.

  76. I NEED a new laundry room. A full gut is the only option at this point! It’s from the 80s and although some friends think I can work with the pastel floral wallpaper, it has to go! Along with the old vanity (I need a deep laundry sink), toilet, and washer/dryer set. Great design board once again, Jacquelyn, and very generous GE giveaway! I’m going to see what else GE has in their collection as I would need a stacked set.

  77. Sarah Scott says:

    Your style is so classic yet chic, I would love to makeover a room similarly! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  78. Linds says:

    Subtle sophistication, earthy, and clean. Perfect combination. Love your blog!

  79. Kari Walder says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’ve always loved GE appliances!

  80. Katie says:

    I’ve been dreaming about updating my laundry room but there always seems to be something more important (i.e. seen by other people) to do first. But I feel like a beautiful and functional laundry room could make a world of difference in my life so who cares if people don’t ever see it, right?! Thanks for the inspiration!

  81. Carolyn says:

    Lovely inspiration and wishful thinking! My 15 year plus washer was talking to me on laundry day–and not in a good way. It was making sounds I’ve never heard before. Thanks Jacquelyn and GE for a chance to win.

  82. Nicole says:

    What a giveaway! Would love to win!

  83. Saskia says:

    I’d love a beautiful laundry room – i spend so much time there!!!

  84. Hailee says:

    Love the cool tones and soft blue of the cabinets… definitely my dream laundry as well!!

  85. Danielle says:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I love the way you’ve styled your room. The grey is such a beautiful neutral.

  86. Julie says:

    I have such a lovely house not withstanding the laundry is in the garage! I would love, love, love to convert a large walk-in closet (that backs up to a bathroom) into a fabulous laundry room. Laundry Envy…Laundry Fantasy…Laundry Lust!

  87. Jaclyn Youngquist says:

    I also have an obsession with laundry rooms, we just redid ours and added a coffee bar!

  88. Anne says:

    Great laundry room ideas and an amazing giveaway!

  89. Libby Doss says:

    We just moved into our new-to-us house at the end of December. We have had projects galore and you can bet a finished laundry space is on the list! Right now it’s in our unfinished creepy basement – definitely could use new and improved machines as well as a prettier space! :) love the combination of the Diamond Grey washer and the pale blue cabinet color on your inspiration board.

  90. Courtney says:

    This would be a dream! Our laundry has been untouched and definitely does NOT inspire me to do any laundry ;)

  91. Meghan says:

    This laundry room makes me want to do laundry!

  92. Peggi says:

    Ha! I remember how thrilled I was to get a new washer & dryer; certainly a sign of maturity. I am about due for a new set though!!!

  93. Anna Roszak-Robinson says:

    Wow, everything you share is beautiful, love your style.

  94. Heather says:

    We are in desperate need of a new washer and dryer and it has me inspired to redo the room. I love the cabinet color you included. Would you be willing to share the details? It looks so lovely with the washer and dryer!

  95. Emily Smith says:

    My laundry room needs a makeover, and with three young boys, a new washer and dryer would be amazing. They definitely know how to “challenge” my laundry skills. haha

  96. erin says:

    This would be amazing. What a beautiful dream makeover.

  97. Carlotta says:

    Would love to win.

  98. Andi says:

    Love your inspirations! Ha, I felt like a real grown-up when I started designing our laundry room too. Funny how that happens.

  99. Jennifer says:

    We’ve been in our house almost 10 years now and I am just waiting on pins and needs for all of our appliances to bite the bullet! This would soften the inevitable blow.

  100. Meredith says:

    I’m in love with the light fixture you selected and how it complements the machines.

  101. Casey says:


  102. Annamarie V says:

    We remodeled my laundry room a few years ago and I love it but we picked the wrong washer and dryer.

  103. Jordan says:

    Just found your blog recently and love your style.

  104. Heather S says:

    This would be perfect timing! My dryer has a mysterious squeak. I can’t figure out where it is coming from, but I think it means it’s time for a new set!

  105. Angela says:

    Love this look!

  106. Dorothea says:

    What?! There’s a National Laundry Day?! Well, I’d certainly celebrate it if I had such a pretty laundry room – love, love, your design board! (P.S. And glad to hear that top-loaders are making a comeback; I’ve had both, and prefer them over front-loaders. These GE ones are so gorgeous!)

  107. Catherine says:

    Amazing giveaway!

    Also love your cabinet color choice!

  108. Bea says:

    Absolutely in love with your design board. I’ve lived in my house for over 25 years and have the dreaded basement laundry. At a total loss as to how to proceed, but your post has given me hope! I’ve been dieing to do something with it….

  109. Christina says:

    What a treat this would be!

  110. livivua chandler says:

    What a wonderful and innovative set to have in a home.

  111. Kelly D says:

    I love all the accessories you pulled together for your dream laundry room. The diamond grey line sounds great.

  112. Love these laundry rooms! :)

  113. Catherine O says:

    It looks like GE is making a come back too by becoming hip on a new finish and style! I love laundry!

  114. Jennifer H. says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I love the color. Looks so clean and fresh.

  115. Darlene says:

    Such a beautiful laundry pair…love the colour! Moving soon and making a former bedroom into a pantry/laundry/utility room.

  116. Danielle says:

    I love your dream laundry room. I amdreaming now too :)

  117. Kate says:

    Gorgeous machines! We’d love, love to have these to use in the laundry area that you’re about to help us do. Fingers are crossed very tightly!

  118. My washing machine seriously broke 3 days ago! This would be a HUGE help!

  119. Lina Policelli says:

    wow this is an amazing giveaway! we are currently starting to redo our laundry room so this washing machine and dryer would be a huge help!

  120. Mahdi Martin says:

    My laundry room has such potential. I would really like to make it over.

  121. alexandra says:

    love the blue cabinets, different from neutrals so commonly seen but not too wild!

  122. Margie says:

    I love your design for the laundry room! That GE laundry duo would be amazing in there. I wish…..

  123. Katelyn says:

    A laundry room like this would make doing laundry so much more fun!!

  124. Amie says:

    This is such a serene laundry room! I’m going to steal some of the inspiration for our bedroom redo ;)

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