Feb 15

Bright White


As we round the corner on phase 1 of our own renovations, I have to admit that I’m terribly jealous of all of those glorious spaces that are 100% complete. While I’m absolutely thrilled with how our second floor is coming together, the main floor still needs all kinds of help. And while we have big plans coming to fruition down there, we’re still a ways away from logistically being able to pull the trigger… In the meantime, I find myself daydreaming of glorious spaces even more often than usual, and this dreamy all white beauty has made its way into my inspiration files a handful of times now. While taking it all in is its own kind of torture, it’s also the most beautiful escape.

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[break]Source: Style at Home | Interior Design: Joanna Vagelatos 

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  1. So so serene and beautiful! I’m such a sucker for lovely white spaces! Glad the reno is coming along. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. whitney says:

    So so pretty, though so difficult to keep clean! I have a dog that looks just like yours and while she’s cute she is MESSY, always tracking dirt into the house and onto my white sofa and cream colored rug :(

    • See, I actually PREFER white things since getting a dog. At least now I know when things are dirty (the germophobe in me shudders about having dirt and grime hidden in fabric and patterns). I totally feel you though – it’s definitely more work when little paws (and little fingers) are involved.

  3. Patrice says:

    Funny how our tastes change over time. When I first moved into my present apartment, I was thrilled that the walls were beige and the floor tiles and counter tops were also a shade of beige. I was totally over white walls at the time. Now I yearn for white walls, and find myself wondering if the management would allow me to repaint them white. (I highly doubt it, unless I would repaint again back to beige if I ever move.) the beige walls tend to make my rooms feel darker and do not reflect as much light as white walls would. I am compensating by planning to slipcover the sofa in white, and use brighter, bolder colors to liven things up.

    • Don’t tell them I said this, but in my days of renting we ALWAYS painted – and simply asked for forgiveness. In my experience, as long as you do it well, they’ve welcomed the change – we never had to repaint back to beige when we left.

  4. Nicole says:

    I would love to know where the dining room chairs are from? They look wipable, and with three young children of our own, they would be perfect! Love this home!!

  5. Abby says:

    Hi, would you mind sharing where your chairs are from? I have been searching for months for chairs exactly like these! Thanks in advance!

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