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Holiday Hair How-to: The Braided Updo

simple braided updo
I know it’s well under way by now, but I still can’t believe it’s December. It sneaks up on me quickly year after year, and if there’s one thing that makes me rest easy during the busy holiday season it’s that I’m helping folks have a great hair day as they go. Today’s hair tutorial is perfect for those of us on the run. Whether you’re keeping it casual as you navigate the mall’s parking lot, or find yourself hopping from holiday party to holiday party, this hair style is perfect. It’s quick, easy, and gets even better as you go about your day. Plus, it’s second (or third) day hair appropriate, which is always a bonus. 

Tools & Products

Wand or Straightener
1 Hair tie
2 small hair elastics
Bobby Pins
Bumble and Bumble Hairspray “Does it All”

Steps simple braided updo tutorial

1) Begin by curling your entire head of hair. I used a wand on Jacquelyn’s hair to give it a bit more texture, which will give your braids better hold.simple braided updo tutorial

 2) Next, you’re going to create two braids. Start using 1″ strands at the front of your head, and french braid until you reach your ear. Once you reach your ear, continue with a normal braid all the way to the end. simple braided updo tutorial

3) Gently tug on each braid to “fatten” them up. Spray with a little hairspray. It might feel a little loose, but don’t worry. 

simple braided updo tutorial4) Next, pin the braids around the back of your hair to create a crown.

simple braided updo tutorial5) Tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail.

simple braided updo tutorial6) Then, pull the hair tie just a little lower, separate the two chunks of hair to create a hole, grab the bottom of the ponytail and feed it through the hole. Tighten the ponytail. 

simple braided updo tutorial7) Gently tuck small sections of your ponytail underneath, and pin to secure. Continue until all of the hairs have been tucked under and securely pinned. 

simple braided updo8) Give your hair a spray and voila, you’re done! 

Note: this will create the most beautiful waves the next day. Two hair styles for the price of one? Sold!
simple braided updo tutorial
If you’d like to see more hair inspiration follow me on Instagram (@cabellobycarolina). If you do give this look a try, tag your photo using #cabellobycarolina so I can see your lovely creations. Have a great hair day! xo -Aylin Carolina[break]Hair Styling & Tutorial: Cabello by Carolina | Photography: Heidi Lau

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