Nov 29

Michael Bublé’s Christmas Home Tour

michael-buble-home-tour_1At this point in my relationship with the holidays, Michael Bublé and Christmas are synonymous. His album is typically the first I put on each year, (early November, if I’m being honest). And there’s just something about his velvety voice that instantly brings out the festiveness within. So it’s no surprise that his home, all decorated for the holidays, brings out a similar sentiment. Black and white, with just a hint of glitz, is the name of the game here, and I’m feeling inspired to the max. Enjoy!

michael-buble-home-tour_2 michael-buble-home-tour_3 michael-buble-home-tour_4 michael-buble-home-tour_5 michael-buble-home-tour_6 michael-buble-home-tour_7 michael-buble-home-tour_9 michael-buble-home-tour_10

[break]Photography: Janis Nicolay| Source: Style at Home

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  1. Michael Bublé = Christmas, such a lovely home as well – not that I am surprised

    – Natalie

  2. Jessica says:

    Each year, on the day I decorate my house for Christmas, I put on some Bublé songs! I understand your parallel between the two. His house is truly inspiring x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  3. Donna says:

    Wishing him well as his family is devastated by their child’s cancer diagnosis.

  4. jessica says:

    Love all the black and white!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  5. Mom says:

    I agree Donna. Christmas wishes and blessings for their family. On a lighter note, I love the black and white wrapping complete with some music scores!! I am inspired!!

  6. Kristina D says:

    Love all the decor in this house tour. I looked at the links for the greenery and it’s only shipping within the US. Do you know of any places in Canada that do wreaths like the one Buble has?

    • Hey Kristina! Are you in Toronto by chance? If so, there’s a little shop called East End Garden Market and they have all SORTS of beautiful, real, garland. I just picked up a bunch myself for $14 for 35 feet

  7. Jo says:

    He and his wife have wonderful style one of their homes was in architectural digest a year or so ago – beautiful but also a family home. I too wish only the best for them, having a sick child is devastating.

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