Oct 18

Tour This Eclectic Brooklyn Brownstone

Years ago, prior to the inception of Lark & Linen, my design sense was undeniably modern. The cleaner the better, as far as I was concerned. Over time, my taste grew and evolved, and the 20 year old designer I once was is no more… These days, transitional is what I’d use to describe my style*, and I’ve stuck firmly in that camp for years now. So it was a bit of a shock when, in the last little while, I’ve found myself drawn to more eclectic sensibilities. While I’m still not sure I’m quite ready to design a home in this sense myself, I can’t help but feel inspired by the mish-mash of items, thoughtfully and beautifully pulled together, in a space just like this. 

*a healthy mix of more traditional pieces set alongside modern elements – that contrast still slays me

built-in-nook elegant-kitchen grand-entrance brooklyn-brownstone eclectic-dining-room eclectic-bedroom


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