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DIY Coasters

DIY coasterWhile I’m admittedly not much of a DIY’er, I do like to think of myself as crafty, and every once in a while the urge strikes me to get in there and get a little messy. One morning some time ago, I happened to find myself perusing the aisles in Michael’s when I stumbled across these simple wooden beads. Not entirely certain what I’d make of them, I grabbed them, some leather string, and a few other bits and baubles and made my way home. After toying around with the pieces upon my return I quickly realized that I could create a DIY coaster, or trivet, in just a few minutes, and it would be significantly more chic than the 99 cent cork one from Ikea I’ve been using for years.

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Wooden beads (I picked mine up at Michael’s)
Paint, in any colour of your chosing (I used BEHR Marquee since it legit only takes one coat)
Leather string


1:: Paint your beads in the colours of your choosing and let them dry. 
2:: Cut your leather string to about 10″ in length for a coaster, or 18″ in length for a trivet. You’ll need about 19 large beads for a coaster, and about 30 for a trivet. 
3:: Tie a knot at the end of your leather string and add the beads one at a time, in a random pattern. Once you have about 2″ left of string, tie it leaving a loop that’s just large enough to wrap itself over a bead securely.
4:: To use, wrap the string of beads in on itself (like a coil) and wrap the loop of rope over a bead to secure. When not in use, it looks especially cute hanging on a little hook in the kitchen. 

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