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Suburban Faux Pas’ Master Bedroom Reveal

glam bedroom_4I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Starting a blog has been the single most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. It has connected me with some of the most wonderful humans on the planet – people I’ve met once, but feel like I’ve known forever, which has been the most wonderfully unexpected bonus over the years. I recently worked with my sweet friend Danni, purveyor of the most beautiful pillows and fabrics around, to help bring Suburban Faux Pas blogger, Krystin’s, master bedroom to life, and I’m thrilled to share the results with you today… Like most projects I tackle, this one wasn’t without its compromises. Dealing with a husband and wife duo is always a bit of a challenge, but Krystin and her husband were so wonderful the whole way through. Balancing her feminine tendencies, with a few non-negotiables for her mister (including a massive TV and modern gallery wall) was the key here, and I’m pleased to announce that we have two very happy campers on our hands. With photos from the always wonderful Heidi Lau, the results are soft and pretty, with just the slightest hint of edge – not unlike a boutique hotel in a faraway land. 

glam bedroom_7
For more, plus my tips and tricks for designing a master retreat of your own, check out our feature on the glitter guide!

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Interior Design: Lark & Linen & PepperB | Client: Suburban Faux Pas | Photography: Heidi Lau

Gallery Wall Prints, From Minted: Spacescape, Composed, KestralDrawing 264 – Gesturing Man, Lost At Sea, Form, The Forest, Melt, Sombras | Dresser: Wayfair | Wallpaper: York Wallcovering | Hallway Light: Wayfair | Chandelier: Wayfair | Side Tables: Mikga | Bed: Custom, Palette Furniture | Sheets: The Bay | Coverlet: The Bay | Geode Pillow: PepperB | Floral Pillow: PepperB | Didot Pillow: PepperB | Moroccan Wedding Blanket: Hivernage | Candle: Nordstrom | Alexa Chung Book: Amazon | The Little Dictionary Book: Amazon | Chair: Wayfair | Chair Pillow: Arianna Belle | Pouf: Wayfair | Drapery & Hardware: Tonic Living | Rug: Rugs USA

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