Sep 2

Scenes from my Week

puppy snuggles {our first photo}

So apparently, when it comes to big life changes, we don’t mess around. Not only did we move into our first house last Saturday, but we welcomed a fluffy new addition to our family as well… It’s been a whirlwind of boxes and puppy barks and, while I’m exhausted to my core, my heart is full and bursting – I wouldn’t change a thing. We’ve wanted a dog for as long as we can remember, but it never felt right to have one in our condo. When we purchased our house, we both knew that a puppy was on the horizon…. We didn’t realize how quickly everything would fall into place, however, with our 10 year (!!) anniversary a mere week away, Sage seemed like the very best way to commemorate such a special time in our lives. As always, here’s a peek at my week, in photos. 

coffee table styling {mostly unpacked, though our condo furniture feels oddly of place now}

goldendoodle puppy {sage!}

cupcakes {celebratory cupcakes}

black white pillow {a pretty moment from a recent client photo shoot}

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