Jun 14

A Parisian Pied-à-Terre

paris bedroom

I know I keep going on about our house hunt, however it’s become an all-consuming part of our life as of late, and it has naturally been front of mind. Since diving into the world of real estate in Toronto, we’ve quickly realized that what we’d like, and what we can afford are lightyears apart… The reality is that we’ll end up with a small two bedroom rowhouse somewhere in the east end, and while originally the thought of two bedrooms freaked me out, I’ve since come around to the idea of living big in a small space. And I’m so glad that places like this pied-a-terre exist to re-affirm that big style can be done on a small scale. It of course doesn’t hurt that this place in particular boasts those Parisian views, but hey, you can’t have em all. 

streets of Paris custom staircase white modern kitchen Paris apartment


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